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Is It Time To Update Your Employee Recognition Process?

While employees appreciate a boost to their finances or a trip to an exotic island, Mary Schaefer, an HR expert, reminds us that great managers go beyond money and awards during the recognition process.


58% of Job Performance Tied to Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goldman famously applied EI to the business world and pointed out that business leaders with high EI are the most effective at their jobs. Another study proved that 58% of your job performance is tied to your emotional intelligence. How can you make EI work for you?


Are 24% of Your Employees Passive Saboteurs?

Every leader's worst nightmare is that one of her team members is actively trying to bring down the organization. Far more dangerous, Maylett points out, are the 24% of your team members who are passive saboteurs.

Lifecycle Marketers to Focus on Engagement in 2014

ExactTarget’s 2014 State of Marketing study includes insights from 2,500 industry professionals. Earlier this year, I highlighted attitudes regarding social media use and responsive design revealed by this study. However, the report includes valuable data on a number of topics, including which digital formats will be most popular and how lifestyle marketers are shifting focus.

Social Media Works Best with Marketers’ Existing Customers

Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are the focus of increased effort and investment by small and large businesses who hope this activity will bring new customers and revenue through the door. Marketers are making this change because consumers are spending more time than ever on social media. But will this investment really make a difference for marketers?

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