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Retailers Promoting More Fragrance Options in Growing Men’s Market

"Year-to-date U.S. Prestige Beauty fragrance sales have experienced a 5% increase compared to the same period a year ago, driven by strong growth in men’s fragrance sales (+6%), according to research from The NPD Group."

80% of Men Now Using Scented Products

The 2014 Men’s FragranceTrack Report from NPD shows 80% of men use scented products. Those who use cologne are also likely to use scented body products. Men have grown comfortable buying these products for themselves and are open to new fragrances. Their purchase decisions are influenced by a number of factors including price and the preferences of their romantic partners for a specific scent.

Women Using Both Fragrance and Scented Body Lotions

Nine out of ten women in the U.S. use a scented personal product, and the majority of fine fragrance users also use some type of scented body product, according to the 2014 Women’s FragranceTrack Report from The NPD Group, Inc. Very few women use only fine fragrances. Nearly 60 percent of women, age 16 and up, currently use a fine fragrance as well as a scented body product.

Opportunity Exists for Alternative Fragrance Uses.

As consumers may be seeking more natural alternatives to sleeping pills or medication, fragrances that are designed to help aid with sleep could be an opportunity for the category. More than six in ten women (64%) and more than half of men (51%) who use any scented item would be interested in fragrances that can be worn at night to help you sleep or refresh your sheets.

Fragrance Growing in Popularity, Rising to Top of Holiday Gift List

Fragrance has moved up the ladder as a top gift on consumer's holiday shopping list, according to a new retail study by The NPD Group. During the first 10 months of 2012 (January to October), total prestige fragrance dollar sales in U.S. department stores were nearly $1.8 billion, up seven percent, compared to the same time last year. In addition, men’s fragrances overall fared a little better than women’s, growing 7% in dollars while women’s grew 6% for year-to-date, January to October 2012.

Jewelry Fragrance Brands, Niche Scents Leading Fragrance Industry

According to new research from The NPD Group, the prestige fragrance industry showed robust sales of $1.6 billion in U.S. department stores year-to-date (January to September 2012,) with men’s fragrance sales growing slightly faster than women’s. Designer fragrances, which accounts for nearly three quarters of the total market, grew the same rate of the overall category performance, while jewelry and niche prestige fragrances almost tripled.

Mood is Most Popular Motivator of Fragrance Choice for Women

According to new research from Mintel, mood is now the most popular motivator of fragrance choice for women, as over half (54%) of female fragrance users decide what fragrance to use based on how they’re feeling. Coming in at second place, 31% of fragrance users say they decide which fragrance to apply based on their activity (work function vs. a personal outing). Motivations for fragrance purchase differ just as much as fragrance choice, but the clear favorite is in-store samples. Sixty-nine percent of fragrance owners say they’re motivated to purchase a new fragrance based on samples they’ve tried in a store, while 26% cite a recommendation from a family member or friend as the impetus behind a new purchase.

More Consumers to Buy Fragrance This Holiday Season

According to The NPD Group, Inc., NPD’s annual survey of consumers’ holiday spending intentions shows one in five (19%) consumers 'plan to buy fragrance’ as a gift this upcoming holiday season, a two point increase from 2008. Although prestige fragrance showed declines in the first nine-months of the year, the fourth quarter is typically the biggest quarter of the year for the category. A few bright spots in the prestige fragrance arena include fragrance juices* priced between $75 and $99.99 and juices priced over $100 and over, which grew 2% and 4% percent in dollars, respectively, from January to September 2009.