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Multi-Screen Political Ads Spur 76% of Voters to Take Action

Between now and November, candidates and political action committees will raise and spend money to influence voters. And, they're buying media space to snag voter attention.

mCommerce Sales Are Growing 22.5% Year-Over-Year

"Customers that browse across multiple digital environments hold the highest conversion rates — and lifetime value."

How to Combat to Spread of Digital Advertisers' Worst Enemy: Ad Blockers

Approximately 30% of U.S. adults who use the internet plan to install ad blockers this year, according to eMarketer. Here's why they plan to do so and how you can do your part to stop it.

Marketers to Increase Spending on Multi-Screen Campaigns

Marketers know that choosing to run their ad campaigns in one format is an old-school strategy. The attention of today’s audience is distributed across multiple devices so more marketers are increasing their spending on multi-screen ad campaigns. Nielsen analysts say that within 3 years, 50% of media will be spent on multiple-screen campaigns.