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Empowering Small Businesses Through Social Media

According to Visual Objects, 62% of small businesses consider social an important part of marketing and 88% are planning on investing more in social media. But which ones are of the most interest to your small business clients and prospects?

Do Your Clients Need Help with Social Commerce?

Social media is now an even more well-rounded asset to businesses with the introduction of social commerce: using social networks to complete e‑commerce sales.

21% of Online Adults Visit Pinterest Monthly

Pinterest holds great marketing promise ‰ÛÓ 21% of U.S. online adults visit it at least monthly, 81% of the site's users are women, the median user age is 35, and 84% have made an online purchase in the past three months ‰ÛÓ but it's not a valuable social marketing channel today, according to Forrester.

Marketers Face Unique Challenges with Pinterest

One of the biggest changes marketers have adjusted to as social media use rises is the loss of control. Instead of broadcasting messages from the top down, brands are working with consumers through social media to build their image and reputation. For one particular social media platform, Pinterest, this trend is particularly noticeable.

More Marketers to Explore Pinterest

Is Pinterest, the hot new social networking property, ready for marketing investment? It’s a question worth asking as more consumers spend time sharing their photos and ideas there. The Creative Group has done some research on marketer plans and Pinterest and their results show that the site has some work to do before it catches up with the likes of Facebook.

Pinterest Changing Social Media Landscape, Driving Purchase Behavior

According to new research from Compete, about 1 in 4 consumers report that they are spending less time on other social media sites in favor of Pinterest. Pinterest is not just raising brand awareness but is also driving purchase behavior. Marketers will likely need to evolve their digital strategies given the finding that 39% of the market has changed their social networking behavior in some way due to Pinterest.

Will “Pinning” Be the New Must-Have for Marketers?

Since nearly all online users, 91%, are using social media to some extent, will marketers be able to roll out the kind of national branding campaigns on these sites that they’ve long been using for other formats? Possibly, say some analysts. But it’s also possible that marketers will begin using unique characteristics of audiences on specific social networking sites to reach a more targeted population.