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How to Use Ads to Target Smart Speaker Users

Did you know that there are 65 mil­lion Amer­i­cans who own over 130 mil­lion smart speak­er devices? Accord­ing to Search Engine Land, that’s 23% of all Amer­i­cans who are old­er than 12. And that num­ber has only been grow­ing annu­al­ly. With 223 mil­lion Amer­i­cans aware of smart speak­ers, it would seem that trend will con­tin­ue.

Are Digital Radio Ads Worth the Investment? (Yes)

Dig­i­tal ad rev­enue for local radio sta­tions is expect­ed to increase by more than $1 mil­lion this year. Accord­ing to RAB’s “Radio’s Dig­i­tal Sales Inch Clos­er to $1 Bil­lion” report, dig­i­tal ad rev­enue totaled $804 mil­lion last year. This year, $949 mil­lion is the expect­ed rev­enue amount.

How to Target the 96% of Hispanics Who Listen to the Radio

If your clients haven’t been tar­get­ing their His­pan­ic con­sumers via radio ads, it’s about time they learned how they can use this medi­um to reach near­ly all of this demo­graph­ic.

Are Your Misconceptions of Radio Hindering Your Ad Campaigns?

Why aren’t adver­tis­ers giv­ing radio the cred­it it deserves, espe­cial­ly when con­sid­er­ing reach­ing out to younger gen­er­a­tions? Here's why radio is a good addi­tion to any ad cam­paign.

Introducing Affluencers and Why You Need to Advertise to Them

Afflu­encers spend 40% more than afflu­ents and, out of every con­sumer group, their future pur­chase intent is the great­est. Here's who they are and how to adver­tise to them.

Where and When to Place Your Radio Ads

AM/FM radio reach­es 93% of adults in the U.S. Here are some tips on how to reach a broad range of con­sumers.

Using Radio to Reach Voters

Media reports have empha­sized the impor­tance of TV and online mar­ket­ing in the polit­i­cal are­na. Should your polit­i­cal clients spend mon­ey on oth­er tra­di­tion­al forms of media such as radio?