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62% of Online Daters Believe Online Relationships Can Be Successful

"According to a poll by SurveyMonkey, fully half (50%) of online daters between the ages of 18 to 34 describe their experience as 'entertaining' while those ages 35 to 64 disproportionately describe them as 'disappointing' (37%)."

Online Dating Sites Can Sell Online Profile/Bio Writing Services

Plenty of Fish (POF), a dating app for conversations, today released Conversation Nation 2018. The study, which surveyed 2,000 U.S. singles over 18 years of age, revealed conversation as the benchmark for chemistry and compatibility. Seventy-four percent of singles say conversation is the #1 indicator of chemistry, even over physical attraction.

Public Health Issue: Feeling of Loneliness Increases Risk of Death by 26%

According to new research published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, a lack of social connection may have serious consequences for our health and longevity. Researchers from Brigham Young University analyzed nearly 35 years of data on how loneliness, social isolation and living alone can impact your lifespan. What they discovered is unsettling.

Living Alone Can Dent Healthy Diets for the 46% of Single Americans

People who live alone are more likely to have unhealthy diets lacking key foods, QUT research has found. The study reported inadequate cooking skills, no partner to go shopping with, the increasing cost of food and a lack of motivation to cook were among the reasons people living alone had different eating practices.

Solo Shoppers Love Snacking

Single-person households in the U.S. are 38 million strong and growing, which stands to reason why this group has an impact on snacking in terms of eating behaviors, packaging, and marketing, reports The NPD Group. The growth in snack foods being consumed at meal time is largely driven by people who are eating those meals by themselves, according to NPD‰Ûªs recently released Snacking in America report.