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Waterproof Speakers are a Must-Have in the Summer

"It’s a no-brainer that food tastes better alfresco, but the decision to take music outdoors is a little more complex, says Consumer Reports. Your house has traditionally been your wireless speaker’s best friend, protecting it from the elements and providing enough sonic support and noise isolation (i.e., walls) to let it sound its best."

82% of Parents Want Children to Swim by Age 5

In honor of National Water Safety Month, a national survey commissioned by Swimways Corp., a leading pool and outdoor recreational products manufacturer, revealed that more than 4 out of 5 parents understand that learning to swim by age 5 increases a child's self-confidence. However, 88% of parents were unaware that learning to swim before age 5 can also aid in the development of mathematical skills. In addition, the survey found that only 14% of parents understand that swimming can help develop oral expression, and less than half of those surveyed understood that swimming can boost children's social skills.

Top Pool Design Trends Local Contractors Will Be Swimming In

"Like an infinity pool with no end in sight, so goes the styles that set the pace for pool design trends in 2018. High-end, resort-style pools are at one end of the scale," Lyon Financial reports. "But any backyard pool can achieve that semblance of refinement with a few carefully chosen colors and finishes. Even pool depth makes an architectural and functional statement that can exclusively define any new pool installation."

15% Lap it up for Sport and/or Exercise

Weekend athletes turn to high-end swimming lessons to fine-tune their techniques, The Wall Street Journal reports. Swim lessons can help serious weekend triathletes shave their times and improve their strokes. What many don't realize is that it is possible to be trained by former Olympians.