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Traditional Media to Account for 60% of Local Ad Spending This Year

Earlier this year, BIA Advisory Services predicted at least 55.3% of marketers would maintain ad spending while 25.2% would increase spending. In the firm’s updated forecast this month, analysts say that ad spending in the local media marketplace will amount to $148.8 billion.

Cinema Advertising Recorded a 4.1% Increase in 2018

More marketers are seeing the importance of adding cinema advertising to their media mix. This news comes to us from the Cinema Advertising Council, which has just released its 2018 revenue report.

24% of Gen Xers Buy Products Advertised on This Medium

Generation X can be a slightly confounding consumer age group for advertisers. They show preferences for traditional media like the generations before them. But they’re also young enough to be technologically savvy like millennials. So, what are the best advertising methods to reach them?

Proliferation of Fake News Boosts Media’s Demand for Relevant, Authoritative, Accurate Content

Fake news” accusations appear to have created a “credibility crisis” and impacted public trust in the media, Karla Jo Helms, founder and CEO of JoTo PR says, “but we’ve seen an increase in the number of media outlets carrying news to the public — and the amount of content the media is putting out.”

Agency Spotter: Marketers Hiring Out for Digital Services

If you’re offering agency services to your clients, there’s some good news coming your way. More marketers are putting out contracts for project-based work this year.

Marketers Blend Traditional, Digital Media to Reach Working Moms

It’s easy to assume that the path to most working moms would be through digital media. After all, many of these consumers, especially those with younger children, are likely to be digitally savvy and looking for every time-saving advantage they can find. Digital media would seem to fit that need but Scarborough’s Working Moms Study data shows that traditional media holds a big place in the daily lives of working moms.

Traditional Media Still Ranks High in Trust with Consumers

Twitter is a fabulous tool for disseminating information during an emergency. Because it’s easy to get the information out quickly, the sources sometimes get their facts wrong. These kinds of gaffs are why consumers cast a wary eye at social media with respect to trust. Edelman Trust Barometer for 2014 shows that consumers still find traditional media most trustworthy.

Top 10 of 2013: Marketers Say Traditional Media More Effective than Online

It’s surprising when an enterprise that plays a big role in online marketing releases a report showing the strengths of traditional media. That’s what happened last week when Adobe published its State of Online Advertising Report. Surveyed consumers and marketers both say that traditional newspapers and TV are best for advertising. An in-depth look at

SMBS Using Traditional Media for Small Business Saturday Promotions

Small businesses might feel like their opportunities are getting squeezed by online merchants and big-box retailers. SMBs could also be feeling extra pressure this year because of the shortened holiday shopping season. As a result, they're rolling out more promotions and earlier than usual according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) which has just released its Small Business Saturday Insights Survey. This year, researchers have learned that 70% of SMBs will engage in some sort of promotion to attract shoppers that day.

Marketers to Use Traditional Media to Grab Consumer Attention

Marketers both big and small are rushing to get their ads online. But are consumers really noticing these ads? Probably not, according to the results of a recently published Harris Interactive poll. It’s long been known that consumers ignore ads but it turns out that people are tuning out ads at a higher rate when they encounter them online.

Traditional Ad Budgets Predicted to Decline Steadily

In yesterday’s blog, I discussed MarketingSherpa’s study on the maturation of social media. Along with social media, the entire online marketing industry continues to grow and is predicted to reach $55 billion or 21% of all ad spending by 2014. And, as I mentioned yesterday, funding the new initiatives comes at the expense of budgets previously allocated for traditional media. How bad is the damage to traditional media? Forrester Research has assembled some specific numbers in its Interactive Marketing Projections study released last year.

Online Media Top Influencer on Restaurant Choice, Traditional Media Still Best for Pizza Delivery

Traditional media influenced more than 30% of recently surveyed pizza consumers, while online media like restaurant Web sites were the most influential for restaurant-goers. The Ad-ology Research study also found 61 percent of U.S. consumers surveyed said they had visited "a restaurant they had not visited before" in the last year. Online media influenced 40% of recent restaurant visitors, with restaurant Web sites having the most influence. Traditional media proved more effective than social media for these consumers. Twenty-seven percent were influenced by newspaper, and 25.4% said the same for direct mail.