The Early Bird Can Keep Its Worm; The Late Bird Gets The Deal

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Sell advertising with only two months left in the year

Autumn is a tough time to sell advertising, when most companies have long since solidified their yearly budgets and are already looking to the next year. That didn’t deter Ashley Reetz, a Media Consultant for KOAA-​TV. Reetz took a chance, along with a page from the AdMall playbook, when she decided to call a local performing arts company.

According to Reetz, the client “had already spent their advertising budget for the year in heavy digital and TV.” Rather than flip the page to 2019, Reetz set herself apart from the pack by coming in under the radar at a time when everyone was gearing up for the new year. Most importantly, she didn’t come alone. She had AdMall reports in tow. 

With only two months left in the year, I was able to position myself as the expert on her digital marketing success,” said Reetz.

Solution: Find the right time and show them something new

Although Reetz had only been with her current employer for four months, she was able to leverage the wealth of knowledge provided by AdMall to come off as a savvy and seasoned professional.

The Digital Audit positions me as an expert and the AudienceScan info makes my presentations look slick and backs up my campaign strategies with data,” said Reetz.

Result: A sale today with a promising outlook for tomorrow

Reetz’s gamble paid off big, to the tune of more than $5,000 in advertising, with an opportunity for more in 2019 when the company’s budget opens up.

The details of the campaign comprise TV spots, PPC (pay per click), and a digital contest for the last two months of the year, with talks of future deals encompassing SEO and social media, as well as native programmatic and banner ads.

According to Reetz, the business owner “was grateful for our expertise and consultative approach. She can tell that we know what we are talking about and that we are committed to helping effectively.”