The Right Mix: How to Make A Sale

BY Jessica Helinski
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While every sale is different, there are a few vital characteristics that all typically include. And, according to SalesPop’s Claudia Kimla-​Stern, successful sales are a unique “formula,” made up of varying levels of each factor (or as Kimla-​Stern calls them, “ingredients”). When combined uniquely for each prospect, they can combine to create a winning sale. In her article, she writes, “Calculate the right formula for your individual client, and mix the ingredients that precisely meet their needs. Only then will your customer believe in your abilities come back again.”

Below are four of the six crucial ingredients that are needed for successful selling: 


Connecting with others through your words and actions is essential to selling. Connecting requires listening to the prospect and truly hearing what he or she is saying. Don’t listen just to respond; make sure to hear the message. 


Unfortunately, salespeople have a bad rap when it comes to being honest and authentic. Lead the charge against this stereotype by being congruent in what you say and do. Keep your promises, whether they are big or small. 


Authenticity will help you build trustworthiness, another important ingredient to selling. “When the client feels that you really care about their problems and pain points, and have their best interests in mind, you gain their trust and loyalty,” she explains. 


Compassion may not come to mind when thinking about important sales ingredients, but it’s becoming increasingly important to today’ s customers. When working with a prospect, place an emphasis on having an open mind and be willing to see things from his or her perspective. “Real connection can just happen through open-​mindedness, authenticity, acceptance of other opinions, being able to express emotions in an appropriate way and being thoughtful and compassionate,” Kimla-​Stern writes. 

These ingredients, when combined with the other two, are necessary for creating a successful sales process. But, remember, none of these ingredients can stand alone; they must be combined to be effective. And, each can be slightly altered to fit the needs of each prospect. As Kimla-​Stern points out, “only in the right mix will they provide the one and only solution for each and every client individually!”