Think Local, Act Digital

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Standing out in an overcrowded playing field

Having word-​of-​mouth credibility on your side is invaluable for a small business. Building that kind of trust and credibility in one’s market is no easy feat, and it’s what keeps people coming back time and again. But in a digital era of online marketing, consumers are making more decisions based on what they see on their computers and smartphones and fewer based on what they find out in face-​to-​face interactions.

Mary Powell, an Advertising Account Executive from the Hickory Daily Record, knew of an area carpet and flooring service that was in this exact situation. 

This client was doing no advertising in a saturated market,” said Powell. “While [they have] a phenomenal reputation for being personal, affordable, efficient and easy to work with, we helped them understand that sometimes advertising by word-​of-​mouth alone can cause confusion and allows for misinformation to be placed on the web. They did not have an online presence outside of a small one-​page website while some of their competitors were dominating the online market.”

Solution: Pitch a Find it Local campaign, with co-​op advertising support

Powell had been selling media for less than a year, but by turning to AdMall, she knew she could gain the kind of selling power enjoyed by more seasoned sales professionals. 

We used the Co-​op Financing Source reports to draw the customer in because we already knew of the pride they had in the brands they represented,” said Powell.

The co-​op funding information was enough to get Powell in the door. From there, she brought out the deal clincher, a Find it Local campaign. This pitch focused on promoting the company’s reputation in a way that reached farther than simple word-of-mouth.

[They are] running a Find it Local campaign with us, which in our market boosts their SEO, helps them maintain their online reviews and reputation and provides them a directory page on our website,” said Powell. “They are most specifically concerned with targeting their local market and having their brand represented frequently and accurately.”

Result: A year-​long campaign, with room to grow

Powell was able to leverage AdMall’s reports and use them to help convince the clients to purchase their first-​time digital campaign. They are reportedly very happy with the results.

Since we started this campaign, they have opened up even more and we are about to begin a local banner campaign for them,” said Powell. “[They] are very intentional about communicating with their past, present and future hopeful customers, so they love being able to respond to reviews and request reviews simply.”