Tire Dealer Swayed by AdMall Co-​op Report

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: A tire dealer trying to solidify their advertising footing

Bob Isaacs, from ValPak of Southern Oregon, has over 30 years of media sales experience, so he knew that AdMall would be the best place to help his tire dealer client who was looking to utilize their co-​op funds.

My client was doing quite well, as [have] most of the [tire dealer] clients I handle, during the pandemic, but still had co-​op on the books he had to ‘use or lose,’” said Isaacs. “With the [Michelin] co-​op available, I guided him through the process to make it easy for a busy business owner.”

Valpak is a direct mail company, but Isaacs was also looking to sell the tire dealer an aspect of digital advertising as well. In order to get the most out of his sales pitch, Isaacs relied on AdMall’s research. More specifically, Isaacs knew AdMall’s Co-​op source reports would show the tire dealer how to use vendor money to help pay for his media sales idea.

Solution: Rely on the daily AdMall minute emails

Isaacs credits the tire dealer sale to his daily AdMall routine.

I used the AdMall Minute, and further [co-​op] research, to secure the ad buy,” said Isaacs. “I like the quick hits I get every morning. Besides doing research when needed, the morning briefing gives me a chance to start my day with only a two-​to-​three-​minute update to see if I have anyone that can use the research.”

The AdMall Minute is a daily email newsletter that all AdMall users receive Monday through Friday. In it you will find digital opportunities, links to AdMall’s media sales tips blog, limited-​time opportunities, event reports, and links to register for upcoming webinars. Isaacs’ routine of checking his email led him to one of AdMall’s Co-​op source reports, which he knew he could use for the tire dealer because they sold that manufacturer’s products.

I find AdMall especially useful for their co-​op updates,” said Isaacs. “All co-​op is difficult to track, but the brief ‘heads up’ was easy for me to copy, edit, and place in an e‑mail to a client. A follow-​up phone call sealed the deal with the local tire dealer.”

Result: A happy tire dealer client

Isaacs mentioned that the tire dealer is normally close-​lipped about its ROI from the print sale. However, they continue to use Isaacs’s company for advertising, so he knows he’s doing something right.

Additionally, Isaacs had a recommendation for those who may have heard of AdMall, but maybe were not utilizing it as much as they should.

For those new to the sales game, I would say AdMall is invaluable,” said Isaacs. “Clients are called on by hundreds of reps yearly, and if you can differentiate yourself with pertinent information about their business, you’ll have a step up in the sales game.”

AdMall's intelligence system is used by thousands of U.S. media properties, from cable companies and newspapers to local TV, billboard, and cinema companies. It also includes manufacturer co-​op funding information. Through the shared-​cost advertising vehicle of co-​op funding, media sales reps encourage local dealers to create ad campaigns featuring vendor products, especially when there are limited-​time promotions and new product introductions.

We maintain a database of detailed co-​op funding/​market development programs for over 10,000 brands. There is no cost for vendors to have their co-​op advertising program details listed in the AdMall intelligence system. When vendors share their co-​op plan with AdMall, their local dealers can have the kind of success experienced by this beauty salon and this window treatment retailer.