Top Tips to Get Your Prospect to Buy NOW

BY Jessica Helinski
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What’s better than making a sale? Making a sale right NOW. The sooner a prospect says “yes,” the sooner the contract gets signed and your relationship can begin. But how can you create a sense of urgency? Bryce Sanders, in an article for Bizjournals​.com, highlights eight ways reps can get buyers to buy sooner than later — without coming across as pushy. These basic strategies include highlighting:

  • Need. Actually, as Sanders explains, you are highlighting a problem that is affecting the prospect. “Once brought to the surface, the problem remains, even if the prospect says, ‘No, I’m not interested’,” he writes. "The problem isn’t going away." Eventually, the prospect will need to address it. The problem, and your potential solution, will now be top of mind.
  • Cost of inaction. The prospect may not be thinking of the money or time she will lose if she doesn’t say yes. Bring her attention to how your product and services can prevent specific “costs."
  • Convenience. Your prospects are busy. Make it easy for them to buy.
  • Higher goals. How can your product or service get the prospect where he wants to be? Illustrate how you can help him overcome specific issues and reach his own goals.
  • Missed opportunity. This tactic works especially well if you are running a promotion or other limited-​time offer.

Most important, Snyder believes, is following up. Don’t be nagging or pushy. Instead, stay on the radar and make sure each communication has some value for the prospect. The sooner you implement these strategies, the sooner prospects will find it hard not to say yes!