Target Audience Demographics and Psychographics When Emailing

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your clients’ emails getting lost in the shuffle of the 121 messages, on average, that consumers receive every single day? Your clients may need to target potential audience demographics and psychographics when formatting their email outreach. Your prospects can up their email marketing game by following the tips recently shared by Sudeer Kiran on jeffbullas​.com.

Target Potential Audience Demographics and Psychographics

One of the biggest mistakes your clients may be making with email campaigns is failure to target the proper potential audience for their product or service. Taking time in advance to identify who the best prospects to connect with are will help marketers optimize their return on investment. If your clients want to sell hunting gear to local residents, for example, they should target audience demographics and psychographics. Several research studies, including data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and SalesFuel’s AudienceSCAN, show that hunters are largely men.


On one level, your clients should direct their email blasts to male recipients if they're targeting hunters. Wise marketers will also personalize their email campaigns. Some of this personalization could be gender-​based. During a holiday promotion, sporting goods stores may want to target both men and women with discounts on items that are similar to items these consumers purchased in the past. Personalized email can encourage buyers to stock up on gift items. Marketers shouldn’t underestimate the sales increase generated by personalized email messages. At least one survey recorded an open-​rate boost from 13.1% to 18.8% when personalization was applied to email messages.

It’s also a good idea to experiment with promotions in your client's email ads. Consider offering discounts on hunting-​related items to shoppers who haven’t purchased in that specific category before. You may pique interest and business from several new buyers, which will give you an opportunity to store more information about their buying patterns and to target them with future promotions for a broader array of products. This data can fill the buckets related to demographics and psychographics and improve the return on investment. Consumers who don't respond would likely be excluded from future hunting-​related promotions in order to boost your client's return on investment.

List Management

Your clients may prefer to rely on their in-​house lists for generating email marketing promotions. That’s fine, but it’s worth regularly reviewing that list. If you’re handling these campaigns for your clients, let them know you’ll be checking the list for bounce-​backs and other undeliverable addresses. Over the long term, list maintenance will help you produce better results on your clients’ email campaigns, especially when you target potential audience demographics and psychographics.

Email remains an effective and low-​cost marketing strategy across many business categories. Your clients can make the most of their email efforts when they pay attention to the details that make a difference: good list management, good promotions, and great targeting. All of these activities take time, so, you could convince your clients to hire your organization to manage their campaigns after you promise to implement the recommendations made by Kiran.