Trade Show Tips to Drive Traffic in 2019

BY Jessica Helinski
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Do you have any trade shows scheduled in 2019? Likely, you will be attending and hosting a booth in at least one show next year. With so many other sellers vying for attendees’ attention, you need new ideas to make your booth stand out from the others. Business 2 Community contributor Samuel Smith shares a few ways to boost trade show traffic, and it's especially helpful for those of you who need to freshen up a tired approach.

For example, consider creating an experience for the attendee. Find a way offer a hands-​on experience that will truly engage each visitor. Focus on something that is immersive and personal to your ideal customer. Or, if you can’t do a hands-​on activity, consider simply appealing to their senses. The experience at your booth with create an emotional, and memorable, connection with you and what you’re selling.

Another way to stand out is to host a game, be it old-​school analog or digital. “Games rejuvenate attendees drained from tromping down too many aisles, so they’re ready to talk shop with you again,” Smith explains. They also help attendees loosen up a bit and have fun, which in turn makes establishing a rapport much easier. Having a bit of fun before talking shop can do wonders for connecting with prospects.

Technology will also help draw visitors to your booth. Think of how you can integrate it into your booth, whether it’s used during a demo or simply as part of branding. It’s due in part to the consistent use of technology among event attendees, Smith points out, that keeps trade shows relevant and growing.

These are just three of Smith’s suggestions, and his tips can kick-​start your own brainstorming on how you can make this year’s trade shows the best yet. While much of selling is shifting to a digital platform, in-​person engagement and interaction at these shows can only strengthen your sales.