Two of the Best Sales Qualities, According to B2B Buyers

BY Jessica Helinski
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Ever wonder what the best sales qualities are for industry professionals? While there’s no single best quality, buyers do value specific ones.

Learning what abilities and characteristics successful sales representatives have can help you recognize your professional strengths and identify areas of improvement,” according to the professionals at Indeed. 

The key is to know which sales qualities to focus on and develop. 

Responsiveness is one of the best sales qualities 

SalesFuel’s 2023 Voice of the B2B Buyer study found that nearly 55% of buyers say “responsiveness” is a top seller trait. 

Being responsive to a prospect shows them respect and that they are a priority. As Scott Stiver writes for Carew International, “In the world of professional sales, our priorities can be identified by how we spend our time…there is no greater indication of respect and commitment than our responsiveness…”

If you find your responsiveness is lacking, it’s time to nurture this quality. Measure your response rates to get an idea of how to improve. If you don’t have a CRM that can collect this data, manually do it yourself through notes or a spreadsheet. Then, set a goal and track your efforts. 

Stay dedicated and continually monitor your metrics. “[Responsiveness] has to become a habit,” explains Andy Paul for LinkedIn. “Every time you engage with a prospect you need to be focused on the importance of providing [a] higher level of sales service and responsiveness that will enable them to move more quickly through their buying process.”

Expertise matters

Another one of the best sales qualities, according to buyers, is expertise. Nearly half of buyers also say that knowing “my company/​line of business” is a top attribute they seek in sellers. 

Pre-​call research is incredibly important when building expertise. Before engaging with a prospect, take time to build knowledge and understanding about them. For guidance on how to start, download a free copy of the ebook “The 7 C’s of Pre-​Call Intelligence.”

As the author and SalesFuel CEO, C. Lee Smith points out, “Sales is not just a numbers game, it's an intelligence game. B2B buyers expect sellers to know their business and consistently bring relevant ideas for improving it.”

Sellers must also know how to clearly demonstrate that expertise to prospect. 

To separate yourself from competitive options, you must establish an environment in which your prospect can clearly see the value and expertise that you provide,” according to Liz Wendling

One way to demonstrate your expertise is through a value proposition. A well-​crafted value proposition:

  • Demonstrates your knowledge about your offering(s)
  • Showcases the research you’ve done into the prospect and their business
  • Positions you as a credible expert
  • Specifies how your solution directly benefits the prospect and their goals

If you don’t currently have a value proposition, take a look at these tips to get started. 

Don’t be afraid to get a coach

If the idea of developing these skills alone seems daunting, consider sales coaching.

Some businesses and sales professionals hesitate when asking for support, thinking they are already experts within the industry or because they see it as a sign of weakness,” writes the team at Pareto. “Additional training and development should never be considered a weakness.”

The most in-​demand and best sales qualities don’t come naturally to everyone. A sales coach can help by offering guidance and holding you accountable. 

And finally, be patient. Change takes time, so give yourself some grace during the learning process. While it’s never too late to hone specific best sales qualities, it can take time. You’ll find your efforts pay off as you embrace the traits that buyers value most.

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