Two Phrases That Can Help You Close More Deals

BY Jessica Helinski
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In sales, wording can mean the difference between closing a sale or walking away disappointed. Language plays a big role in success, and not just because of its subtle influence over buyers. Saying the right thing also lends confidence to the seller, and we all know confidence is a major key to closing. So, it's important that sellers know just how to word things to lead prospects in the desired direction.

In a recent article for Inman, Tom Ferry shares two top closing techniques that use the right language to make the sale. His first strategy is the “if” close. Here’s a simple example:

If I can get you X, would you Y?”

This phrase moves your prospects toward your desired outcome without being pushy or demanding. It also demonstrates your interest in giving them what they want, too, AND your ability to do so. “When you convey that benefit to the consumer and the promise is strong enough, you’re making it nearly impossible for them to say no,” Ferry writes.

The second technique he recommends is using the “alternate choice” close. This phrase can be played out various ways:

  • Would morning or afternoon work better for you?”
  • Do weekdays or weekends work better for you?”
  • Does 5:00 this evening or 10:00am on Saturday work better for you?”

This close is adaptable, and you can alter it accordingly to each situation. It’s an effective call to action that subtly pushes the prospect and gives him or her choices. As, Ferry notes, “it presents your client with two options, both of which lead them toward taking the next desired step.”

These two techniques are easy to implement, so reps should have an easy time testing them out. He reminds reps that when using them, make sure to keep prospects’ needs in mind; personalizing each technique to each prospect will only strengthen your chances of closing. Try coming up with a few examples for each technique in the next week. By the time you meet with the next prospect, you’ll be ready to close the deal.