Use this Simple Tip to Influence Others

BY Jessica Helinski
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Don’t be shy about using buyers’ names; doing so may just give them the little push they need to say “yes,” according to an article from the Rapid Learning Institute by Dave Clemens. It may seem pushy, annoying or cheesy to constantly pepper sales conversations with the prospect’s name. But, it can be persuasive. “The persuasive effect of hearing one’s own name or seeing it in print — or even hearing or seeing a name that resembles it — is so powerful that it influences people even when they know what you’re up to,” Clemens writes.

He cites research from the Sam Houston State University, which reveals that hearing one’s name, or even a similar-​sounding name, can influence one’s actions. Study participants were nearly 25% more likely than average to say they would provide assistance to someone with the same or similar name. Additionally, participants were more likely to comply with a request when faced with their name or a similar name.

Considering these findings, you can easily boost your influence by using buyers’ names–and don’t be afraid to do it often. “Use buyers’ names regularly and frequently,” Clemens advises. “Will the buyers notice it? Probably. Will it make them feel manipulated and react in the opposite way you want them to? Unlikely.”

So, the next time you meet with a prospect or make a call, liberally say their name through the conversation. It’s an easy (and free) way to boost your influence!