Use These Tips to Make Your Sales Calls Count

BY Jessica Helinski
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There are reps out there who are getting better results from sales calls than you. So, what can you do to improve your phone game? Marc Wayshak wrote an article that outlines five techniques that you should use when making sales calls. He explains that, due to so many other communication tools available, there’s major opportunity for those reps who still pick up the phone.

But, there’s a little more to it than just making a call. This is where Wayshak’s advice comes in. Read on for two of these tips:

Be provocative

Grab a prospect’s attention by not saying what he or she expects to hear. Reps often sound alike on sales calls. By breaking the monotony, you instantly create intrigue and become memorable. “… you should be open to both challenging and surprising your prospects,” Wayshak explains. “Be willing to hold your ground and/​or ask probing questions if they push back on something you say.” You’ll show that you take his or her issues seriously and will be proactive. By taking these risks, prospects will want to talk to you because they know you mean business.

Put contingencies in place.

Likely, you will encounter prospects who want to end the call quickly. They’re busy and they don’t want to listen to a sales pitch. But, there’s a little trick to keep the call going. “For instance,” Wayshak writes, “if a prospect tells you, “I don’t have time to talk right now,” respond with, “Okay, that sounds fair enough — but can I ask you one last question before I hang up?” This response immediately breaks the traditional sales call pattern and causes the prospect to pause. Then, when the prospect agrees, hit him with something powerful that will make the conversation continue.

Don’t let other reps get ahead. Use these tips to make your calls have a bigger impact and boost your new business.