Use These Words to Earn Trust and New Business

BY Jessica Helinski
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As a sales rep, your words can hold a lot of power. How you choose to articulate ideas can sway a prospect one way or the other. So, thoughtfulness about word choice is a must! HubSpot writer Emma Brudner points out that while a rep's "underlying message is certainly critical…the words used to deliver it are equally so." She shares 13 words that can have a big impact on the message you send.

Below are three of her suggestions:


There should be no surprise about the importance of using the word "you." Reps need to make the deal about the prospect rather than themselves. Using this word clearly and repeatedly lets the prospect know that he or she is most important. "Every time you might be tempted to phrase a sentence from the perspective of your company, find a way to rework it to make your prospect the subject," Brudner explains. This strategy will put the spotlight directly on the buyer (where it should be).


This word is a great substitution for "but," especially when dealing with criticism or objections. "But" suggests the prospect is going to hear something he or she won't like. Alternately, the word "and" is much more inclusive. Brudner shares two examples of how the two words can change the tone of a statement:

  • "I see that you only have a budget of $50,000, but let me tell you why our system costs $100,000."
  • "I see that you only have a budget of $50,000, and let me tell you why our system costs $100,000."

The first statement basically ignores the buyer's budget whereas the second statement clearly acknowledges it. The buyer doesn't feel ignored while still learning about your product or service.


The most successful reps offer multiple options for buyers. As Brudner points out, "If you present a single proposal to a client, you only give them the option of accepting or rejecting. But if you present them with two or three different variations on your proposal, suddenly you've doubled or tripled your odds of receiving some form of a 'yes'."

Take a look at Brudner's full list to see which words you can fit into your next sales conversation.