Veteran AE Sells Another University Ad Campaign After Demoing AdMall’s LAIR and AudienceSCAN Reports

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Outreach to new students for the university ad campaign

Those who have read SalesFuel’s Sell Smarter Award! blog posts should be well aware of Jacob Flaten, of Sparklight Advertising. The account executive is a six-​time award winner, and his latest success was centered around a university ad campaign he created for a local college.

[The university] just hired a new director of marketing that wanted to shake things up and bring some more measurable ROI to their marketing and advertising,” said Flaten. “[Their] recent challenges include both reaching the same student base as the other universities in the region, but now the demand for online.”

Solution: Create a focused university ad campaign for a targeted audience

Earlier in 2021, Flaten closed a $40,000 campaign for another university using the same technique he did for this sale. His two favorite reports are AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report and AudienceSCAN profiles.

With the use of AdMall, I was able to display how [the university ad campaign] can reach their ideal audience with the use of digital ads [versus] traditional billboards, which was the main part of their previous strategy,” said Flaten. “AdMall helped me develop a proposal to leverage their current prospective student address list to send digital ads to those addresses along with their direct mail initiative.”

Result: Another sale, with room to grow

As previously mentioned, Flaten closed a second university ad campaign in the same year, with this one focused on targeted pre-​roll, OTT/​CTV streaming TV services. The final sale was a temporary campaign, that was worth $4,000 a month, for a total amount of $7,500.

Flaten’s advice to new sales reps looking to get the most out of AdMall is simple.

I would recommend AdMall to anyone in media sales, from rookies to veterans,” said Flaten. “I wish we had it when I started. I would also recommend it to anyone that is in a competitive market that is up against radio stations, broadcast TV affiliates, Cable TV, and other media agencies.”

Local Account Intelligence Report Industry Overview for Colleges

Colleges offer degree programs usually concentrated in a specific area such as liberal arts. A university is comprised of multiple colleges and students select a college to attend within the university framework. These institutions may also have professional schools which offer graduate degree programs leading to medical, dental, legal, and business careers. Colleges and universities can be public institutions which receive significant state funding as part of their operations.

Private or independent colleges or universities rely less on government funding although some may obtain large research grants. These private institutions may often be associated with a religious group, such Brigham Young University.

Traditionally, colleges and universities target the young adult population. However, they also extend programs to adult learners through continuing education and online programs.

There are approximately 2,368 degree-​granting institutions across the country. Combined annual revenue totals approximately $568 billion. Approximately 35% are public institutions.

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