AE Adds Value to Pitch with Value of a New Customer Data

BY Courtney Huckabay
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Challenge: Rehab/​Senior medical centers need to grow patient rosters/​occupancy rates

Chase Henderson was working hard to upsell accounts in his pipeline as the new kid on the block at Times Record News in Wichita Falls, Texas. One specific client did very minimal advertising with his company. He knew the owners of a portfolio of rehabilitation and senior care centers were always looking to gain more patients and fill rooms.

Solution: AdMall’s value of a new customer provides seller value

Henderson turned to AdMall to prepare his pitch. After reading through the Local Account Intelligence Report for hospitals, he knew he had more research in his back pocket than his competition.

AdMall gave me statistics and average customer value that helped me close the deal on multiple health care businesses,” he said.

Result: A $2,000 digital campaign

He offered the owners solutions that were fully digital. Henderson presented a digital display ad campaign, along with digital marketing services to improve SEM. The business owners signed a contract for three months! The digital ads are standard static ads, running in the following sizes: 300x250, 300x600, and 320x50.

After three months, we will look at adding retargeting to the campaign based on the demographic data I pulled from AdMall,” Henderson said.

I have been using AdMall since I got access [to it a year ago] and my favorite part is the average customer value.”