Want to Know A Simple Strategy To Score A Sales Meeting?

BY Jessica Helinski
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While some prospects may accept a blunt, out-​of-​left-​field request for a sales meeting, most will likely balk at this approach. Reps will have better success scheduling first-​time meetings if they warm up prospects first before asking. But what’s the best way to prep prospects for the ask? Emma Brudner advises HubSpot readers on two ways they can increase their chances of scoring a meeting.

Her first suggestion is to use the “foot in the door” technique. This comes from the idea that people will agree to a larger request if they first comply with a smaller one. There’s even research to back up this theory. A Stanford University study found that subjects who had responded positively to a first request were 135% more likely to agree to the second request.

So, your first step to securing a meeting should be to get a “yes” from the prospect for a smaller request. Brudner suggests asking one of these questions:

  • Could I get your thoughts on X trend?
  • Could you explain to me how you currently handle Y?
  • Who is responsible for X decisions?
  • Where can I find more information about Z initiative?

No, these are not complex business questions. But, the simple act of complying is all you need from the prospect to boost chances of a future agreement. “Now that you've gotten your ‘foot in the door' with them, they'll be more likely to block out some time on their calendar,” Brudner explains.

Before you try to schedule that first meetup, be sure to read both of Brudner's tips. Then, use these subtle "tricks" to nail down those meetings!