Why You Should Target Luxury Consumers with Direct Mail Ads

BY Rachel Cagle
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Is your client’s target audience luxury consumers? If they are, a Marketing Insider report by MediaPost says that there are two important things for you to keep in mind:

  • They are overwhelmed online and hostile toward advertising
  • They want genuine connections and luxury experiences”

Easy enough, right? … right? Instead of joining the crowd of mass-​producing digital advertisers, here’s what you should recommend your clients targeting luxury consumers should do instead.

Targeting Luxury Consumers

They Want to Stand Out

Luxury consumers love their luxury goods and services because these items help them stand out from the crowd. And from the mundane. Why would they want their advertising to be any different? No one is denying that digital ads are important, as most consumers have moved online because of the pandemic. But that’s just the thing: everyone is doing it.

Take email, for example. According to MediaPost, only 20–30% of emails ever get delivered and opened by their recipients. Why? Everyone is doing it now. If your client’s target consumers already love the client’s company, of course they’ll open emails from them more often than not. (Aren’t loyal customers the best?) But that’s only if they can find your client’s emails. They may get lost in the depths of their overcrowded inbox. Direct mail on the other hand, that’s a different story.


MediaPost says that 90% of direct mail gets opened by recipients. There’s not nearly as much competition for space in luxury consumer’s physical mailboxes. And, according to a recent SalesFuel post highlighting AdAge research direct mail influenced consumers as follows:

  • 68% of direct mail recipients use coupons they receive in the mail
  • 46% go online for more brand information
  • 58% visit a restaurant or use its delivery service
  • 48% make a shopping list that includes the advertised product
  • 41% purchase the advertised product online

If you think those results are impressive, the article also states that “millennials and those with $100k+ income returned significantly higher results." Direct mail works with luxury consumers!

Direct Mail Builds Brand Loyalty

Not only does direct mail get opened and drive results from luxury consumers, it helps build brand loyalty. MediaPost says that a well-​researched piece of mail can sway recipient empathy. If you and your client use your resources to create hyper-​personalized direct mail pieces that touch on their target audience’s interests, the mail can easily inspire brand loyalty. If you add in references to past interactions with your client’s brand, the success rate goes up even more.

Direct mail already feels more personal than email or other advertising methods. Think about it for a moment. Who do you associate receiving personalized mail from? Friends and family, right? It’s a nice feeling to get mail from loved ones. If your client can capture even a fraction of that feeling with personalized direct mail, the recipients will see your client’s company in a more intimate light. And repeat luxury consumers are invaluable.

More Data

Do you think your client will need more convincing that direct mail ads can help reach luxury consumers? AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel is here to help. Check out your client’s target audience’s profile to see how well they responded to direct mail ads within the last year. You can also identify media that would be excellent to craft a multimedia campaign with.

New year, new advertising strategy. Get started!

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