Win at Media Sales with Your Marketing Intelligence System

BY Rachel Cagle
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Your clients expect more from you and any other media sellers they work with as the digital marketing landscape expands. Brands are spending more than ever on digital ad campaigns, and they expect to get their money’s worth. If you don’t have a marketing intelligence system to help you keep up, it’s time you got one.

Win at Media Sales with Your Marketing Intelligence System

The Problem

According to a report by Frequence, “Media companies are losing digital ad revenue because they often lack sophisticated ad technologies.” 64% of digital advertising and marketing professionals say they’ve lost potential clients’ business because of inadequate technology.

You need a marketing intelligence system that can keep up with your client’s demands in 2024. But what are those demands?

Ad Campaigns that Perform Well

Of course, one of the top concerns brands have is creating ad campaigns that will perform well. An ever-​increasing digital ad market means that they have more opportunities. But it also means they’ll have to fight to stand out amidst the competition. If they’re not advertising on the channels their target customers are active on, they’re missing out on sales.

Do you feel moderate-​to-​extreme pressure from clients to drive better ad performance? If so, you are among the 60% of digital advertising and marketing professionals who feel this pressure from clients. You need the help of a reliable marketing intelligence system.

AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel can help. Determine which ad media types have the best chances for success in your client’s next campaign. There, you can find the top ad media types that inspired that audience to take action within the last year. For example, did you know that the top performing ad media types to target Propane Shoppers are:

  • Direct Mail Ads and Coupons
  • Traditional TV Ads
  • Email Ads
  • Direct Mail Advertising Circulars/​Newspaper Inserts
  • Sponsored Search Results

AudienceSCAN also offers advice on how to best utilize different ad media types. Take TV ads, for example. You can find information such as:

  • How many hours of TV the audience watches on an average daily basis
  • How they get their TV programming
  • What types of programs they enjoy watching
  • Demographic information
  • What products and services they intend to spend money on within the next year
  • How they want their purchases to make them feel

With a marketing intelligence system like AudienceSCAN at your disposal, the campaigns you create for your clients are more likely to perform well.

Performance Tracking

Of course, you can’t just promise a better performing campaign and not have evidence to back it up. Plus, you’ll need to see how your client’s digital ad efforts are faring in comparison.

We have another marketing intelligence system recommendation for tracking in-​campaign performance. In 2022, 27% of marketing professionals reported that one of the biggest challenges they face is tracking in-​campaign performance.

Performing a Digital Audit on AdMall by SalesFuel gives you real-​time analysis of your client’s online presence in seconds. A Digital Audit analyzes the account’s advertising, marketing activity, reputation, and findability to let you see what your client is doing well and what can be improved. You’ll receive information such as:

  • Search results and traffic by media category
  • Their top 10 organic search keywords by volume
  • Google organic search traffic trends
  • Gaps in the client’s SEO strategy that need patching
  • Peak interest months
  • A comparison of the client’s social media marketing to the platforms their target audience use the most
  • Reputation management information, such as their ratings on different social media and websites
  • Opportunities for content marketing
  • Website optimization data
  • So much more

With a marketing intelligence system like AdMall and its AudienceSCAN and Digital Audit tools at your disposal, you’ll be fully prepared to meet the performance demands of your clients.

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