Window Coverings Store Owners Buy New TV Ad Campaign After Seeing AudienceSCAN Data

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Overcoming a previous bad experience

Grant Meech, an account executive at KRDO, has been selling media for less than a year. In that time, he learned how easily AdMall could help him close sales quickly. Fast forward a few months to when he came across the owners of a window coverings business who needed help promoting their products and services but were also hesitant about signing any new deals.

Peter and Bri have owned and operated [their business], a local custom window coverings business in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for the last three years,” said Meech.

They previously had a bad experience with another local station in town and were slightly skeptical about marketing with another team. After an initial meeting, they had more comfort working with me at KRDO. Another of their big challenges is combating the budgets and names of the big national chains that advertise to the same consumer.”

Solution: Research the best window coverings audience

After a first negotiation, they gave me a new list of criteria for their budget and goals,” said Meech. “I was able to get into AdMall and dive into their direct customers: window coverings shoppers and how they responded and viewed advertisements, on TV and digital. I was able to justify why we were putting their company message in the places we were.” 

I showed them that people in that category have positive attitudes towards TV advertisements and digital advertisements on a local news website. We sold them 30-​second commercials on TV and the same ad on our website, KRDO​.com. We also sold them 15-​second weather bookends on the weekend.”

Result: New broadcast TV advertising campaign

The closing of the sale with the window coverings business was swift.

They agreed to the campaign for nearly $16,000 in new direct business,” said Meech.

I learned how to use AdMall quickly. The software and interface are easy to use. I really like the 'Get Smart Fast' search icon on the right-​hand side of the page. It’s able to give you the exact data for your clients’ customers to justify why you should spend money in these places. It makes the sell iron-clad.” 

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