You Should be Using Video in Sales Emails to Prospects

BY Rachel Cagle
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Which would you rather do: Read a letter or watch a short video? You probably agree with most people and would choose the video, right? It’s just easier that way. A video is visually stimulating, easier to digest, and takes all the work out of receiving a message. So, why are you still sending plain old sales emails instead of using video in sales emails to prospects?

Using Video in Sales Emails to Prospects: Why?

Rebecca Riserbato, writing for HubSpot, defines video sales letters as, “a video that pitches your product or service to a prospect. The point of the using video in sales emails is to persuade your target audience that your product can solve their pain points.” Basically, this format spotlights your elevator pitch in a format that is easier to take in than a written email. And, just like a sales email to prospects, these videos are not a one-​size-​fits-​all communication. They still need to be personalized. Yes, that does sound like more effort than a written email. But your prospects prefer watching videos. COVID-​19 has made watching videos a more popular pastime than ever. This could be just what your sales strategy needs to make your quota this year.

The Creation Process


Now, when I pointed out that video sales letters should be personalized, I didn’t mean that you should record a new video for each prospect you reach out to beginning with a greeting using their name. That’s ridiculous, especially considering how infrequently you find the decision-​maker right off the bat. Instead, personalize your videos per product or service you’re offering and the pain points it addresses. You’ll still need to make a few videos to get this kind of personalization, but not too many.


Remember, you’re not making these video sales letters to brag about your product or service. Start with a hook that highlights what your prospects really care about: their pain points. Also, “you should use an emotional appeal that your prospects can relate to,” says Riserbato.

Main Content

Now it’s time to bring your product or service into the spotlight as the solution to your prospect’s problems. Talk briefly about how your product or service is well suited to aid in the type of problem your prospect is facing. Add testimonials from your current clients as well. If you can get a video that’s a few seconds long of them endorsing you and/​or your product, fantastic! If not, that’s okay. You can still incorporate their written reviews into segments of your video sales letters. Make sure you choose short ones and give the viewer plenty of time to read them, though. If your prospect has to pause the video in order to read your content, you were better off sending sales emails to prospects.

The Big Finale

All your efforts to make this video will have been for naught if you don’t get a response from your prospect. That’s why you need to end each of your video sales letters with a call to action. Think about what you’d like them to do. Want them to reach out to you? Include your contact information in the video. Do you want them to do more research into your company and product? Add links to your company’s website or content that goes more in-​depth about your product. Also, is there a limited-​time offer or a sale going on? Mention that, as well! Nothing motivates people quite like saving money, especially in the COVID-​19 economy.