Your competition is facing the same financial challenges you are… And I bet they are getting desperate.  It’s time to think outside of the “basket”. Here’s what I mean…  If you’ve been making your bread-and-butter from the Automobile industry, and that industry falls victim to hard times, you need to “Get Smart, Fast” in some of the other 370+ business types out there.  You may be interested to know that, despite the recession, many industries are flourishing… Green Technology, Transportation / Warehousing, Aquaculture and At-Home entertainment are just a few of the recession-proof industries that have shown up on the radar in the past month.  These industries represent the untapped markets that surround us. Maybe it’s because we haven’t had to prospect during recent, prosperous times, but all the signs are pointing to a future where referrals and networking may not be enough.  I’ve talked to agencies that haven’t heard the phone ring since November (with the exception of current clients delivering the “bad news”). Experience can only take us so far.  A really experienced New Biz Hunter may be well versed in, maybe, 20 business categories.  However, with more than 370 business categories operating in the U.S., even the most seasoned Hunter needs to Get Smart – Fast, in about 350 industries. Contact me at for an affordable solution to this common New Business hurdle.