2 Habits of Sellers Who Hit Sales Quotas

BY Jessica Helinski
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All sellers want to hit their sales quotas but not everyone is successful. Why? For many, it may come down to habits.

Research from LinkedIn revealed that sellers who hit quota shared common habits. “We asked 2,187 sellers globally about 104 behaviors and correlated them to the top performers who exceeded quota,” explains Raul Murguia.

Hitting quota aligned with various shared behaviors among respondents. These “deep sellers” put effort into actions that impacted their selling success for the better. They also found that these deep sellers only account for approximately 18% of all sellers. 

Sellers Who Meet Their Sales Quotas Do This

One of the three deep sales habits that LinkedIn uncovered involved understanding and prioritizing high-​potential accounts. 

These top sellers, unlike their counterparts, have a strong understanding of who their best prospects are and what they want. They do this, first, by delving deep into research. 

When it comes to prospects, they do thorough pre-​call research to make sure they understand the prospect and their business. They use a variety of resources to uncover insights, from company websites to social network posts and profiles. 

And once they’ve won business, they don’t stop the research. “They use customer and industry research to inform cross-​sell and upsell strategies in current customer accounts,” Murguia explains. 

It’s no surprise that this habit pushes sellers to meet sales quotas. SalesFuel’s own research revealed that nearly 55% of buyers want to work with a seller who knows their company/​line of business. 

As Murguia adds, “If you want your sellers to be true consultative partners who can challenge and change their buyer’s way of thinking, then they also need to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable.”

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Nurture Buyer Relationships

Another habit adopted by deep sellers is identifying and building relationships with key buyers. These sellers hit sales quotas because they are firmly committed to the relationships they have with their buyers. 

One tactic they use is multithreading. Often, sellers will stick to their one contact at a company and never attempt to engage with others. But they are doing themselves a big disservice. 

Sale multithreading is building relationships with multiple decision-​makers in the buying organization,” writes Dozie Anyaegbunam for UserGems. “Done right, multithreading helps you achieve your sales goals with relative ease.”

If the concept of multithreading is new to you, take a look at these tips for doing it well. 

Another way deep sellers nail sales quotas is by creating warm paths, thanks to connections. They make the most of their network and use their connections to warm up potential leads. 

They research and identify people in their network — such as current teammates, former colleagues, connections working at the target company, etc. — who are connected to potential buyers at their target account for a warm first outreach,” Murguia explains. 

This is why nurturing relationships of all types is beneficial. You never know when a colleague or business associate will be a link to an ideal prospect. So make the most of any networking opportunities that come your way. 

Additionally, make it a habit to reach out often to those in your network. Your communications don’t need to be complicated; a simple email or forwarded article of interest can be enough to let them know you are thinking of them. 

The more you connect with others in your field, the more you’re likely to get warm referrals,” notes Edgar Abong for influno. “These referrals come from people who trust you and are willing to vouch for your services or products, making them incredibly valuable.”

These two habits adopted by deep sellers shouldn’t be a surprise. Both are standard best practices in the industry. Despite this, as LinkedIn’s research shows, not all sellers are actively doing them.

Stand out from those who don’t, and hit your sales quotas each time, by putting in the effort to embrace these habits and make them your own.

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