Sell Smarter — Episode 20 — Smarter Pre-​call Research

BY Rachel Cagle
Featured image for “Sell Smarter — Episode 20 — Smarter Pre-​call Research”

It’s much harder to close if you don’t ask smart questions early in the sales process. But before you make that discovery call, you need to do some homework. 

I’m C. Lee Smith and this is Sell Smarter. 

Here’s two examples of simple pre-​call research: 

What Issues are Other Companies Like Theirs Facing?

Most business trends are really two-​edged swords. They’re either opportunities or challenges to their bottom line. So, make sure you’re up-​to-​date with your category knowledge. This allows you to ask how current and predicted trends impact their business — and how they compare with others in their industry.

What are their Customers Saying About Them?

Most consumer-​facing businesses have ratings and reviews all over social media. Just about every kind of medical and legal provider has them too. Check them out. Look to see if a problem that needs solving is noticable to end customers. Don’t just look at the ratings, read the reviews. 

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