4 Ways to Show Appreciation for Co-workers

BY Rachel Cagle
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Hopefully, one of the things you enjoy the most about your job is the people you work with. Your co-​workers have probably gotten you through some tough times, both professional and personal. But when was the last time you showed them how much you appreciate them? It’s not just your boss’ job to show appreciation for co-​workers. You can do the same to boost morale and deepen your relationship with your fellow sales reps.

How to Show Appreciation for Co-workers

A Written or Spoken Thank You

The most obvious way to show appreciation for co-​workers is to thank them outright. But don’t just type out a quick, “Thanks,” in your IM conversation. Go out and buy them a card and write out a hand-​written, personalized thank-​you note. Or Katie Douthwaite Wolf, writing for The Muse, also recommends thanking your co-​workers in person. “Walk up to her desk and give her a genuine, straightforward thank you,” she says. “To make the most impact, mention what you’re specifically grateful for.” Either option will leave a good impression on your coworker and, who knows, they may be motivated to help out similarly again in the future.

However, remember to be specific in your thank-​you and praise to your coworker. Paul White, writing for Appreciation at Work, says that sales team members don’t like hearing, “Good job,” as praise. They know they did a good job. “Tell the employee specifically what they did that you appreciate,” says White.

Give Them a Gift

A small, inexpensive gift is an excellent way to show appreciation for co-​workers. You could go out and buy their favorite snack or beverage. Or maybe you know about a specific show, sports team, or other hobby of theirs. You could get them a related figure, flag, or other decorative item for their office. Gifts are a way to say thank-​you and show your co-​workers that you know them well enough to get them something that they’ll appreciate.

Endorse Them

Small, personal gifts are nice; but there are ways to show appreciation for co-​workers that can help improve their sales career. One of Douthwaite Wolf’s recommendations is to email your boss. Give your boss details of how your coworker helped you out in a tough situation and aided you in landing your sale. You can also give them a shoutout during sales team meetings. It’ll give your sales manager more to consider when handing out future assignments and when the time for raises comes around.

In a recent article for Camille Styles, Katherine Fluor suggests showing your appreciation by endorsing your coworker on LinkedIn. Most of your coworker’s prospects will be checking out their LinkedIn profile before their sales meetings. An endorsement from you can give your coworker’s profile a bit more umph. “Write about how their attention to detail is unparalleled, how they are a true team player, or simply how their presence in the office is a pleasure every day,” says Fluor. “By writing a LinkedIn endorsement, you’re showing deep thought into what your coworker brings to the team, how they impact your work positively, and how much you enjoy working with them.”

Acts of Service

You can also show appreciation for co-​workers by offering acts of service to help them out, writes Lena Schmidt in a Chopra article. For example, your coworker may have vented to you that they’re stressed about their work/​life balance. They may need to leave the office a bit early one day to pick up their kids, but they don’t know if they’ll have their work done on time. Offer to help them with their work as a thank-​you for the time they helped you. That way, you’ll be making life easier for them in a seemingly impossible moment.