Author: Amanda Levin

2 Tactics to Prevent Strategic Accounts From Being Picked Off

Losing an account is painful, and when that account is one of your biggest spenders…well it has a huge impact on your bottom line. There are plenty of competitors out circling like vultures; just waiting to add your strategic accounts to their own client roster.

Why Retailers are Failing with a 40% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Consumers have high expectations of retailers, and those expectations continue to get higher each year. With the marketplace becoming more and more crowded, it is vital for retailers to differentiate themselves as old strategies are quickly becoming obsolete.

Loyalty Program Focus in 2017: Areas Worth Your Clients' Dollars

Marketers are planning a big adjustment to their advertising budget in 2017. As companies shift more focus to their customers, eMarketer reports loyalty programs will reap the benefits of budgetary changes next year.

Don't Feed the Trolls! Tips to Handle REAL Negative Feedback

Bad word spreads faster than good news, and one disgruntled customer can spell disaster if they choose to share their negative experience or opinion. But the customer’s comment may not be the thing that kills your reputation…

The Tool You SHOULD Be Using To Strengthen B2B Client Relations

When it comes to customer service, B2C companies have learned something B2B companies tend to ignore. So if you work at a B2B company and struggle to keep your customers happy, it’s time to start putting this tool to use.

3 Effective Ways to Avoid Customer Rage

Bad news travels fast and can kill your company’s reputation. Despite your best efforts and intentions, clients will have complaints and the way you handle them will determine if they remain a loyal customer or leave and spread bad word of mouth.

2 Strategies to Capture More Customers at Trade Shows

Trade shows are a critical part of B2B marketing strategies, but if you don’t come prepared they can be a HUGE waste of time and money.

Don't Forget THIS 3‑Minute Post Sale Trick!

Closing a sale is always a great accomplishment, but most sales reps forget one crucial, final step that can make a huge difference in their sales numbers.

3 Vital Strategies to Increase the Value of Existing Customers

Bringing in new customers is an essential part of running a successful business, but it is a time consuming and costly process. What is MORE critical to ensuring your success lies, instead, with your existing customers.

Stop Listening To Your Customers and Do THIS Instead!

What do your customers think about your company? Your product? Your service? Most companies today are doing everything in their power to collect feedback from their customers. However, all that data is going to waste!

2 Steps for a Killer Customer Experience Program that Guarantees Success!

You want your customers to have an exceptional experience working with your company. However, many companies fail to achieve success in this area for one critical reason.

Have You Implemented These 3 Customer Service Trends Shaping 2016?

Customer service is critical to your success, and, like all things, it is ever changing. To keep ahead of the curve (and to keep your customers), there are several key customer service trends making an impact this year.

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