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Why You Need Sales Assessment Tests in Addition to Auditions

We’ve all encountered individuals who interview well and then turn in a lukewarm performance on the job. To reduce poor hiring decisions, sales managers need to use sales assessment tests in addition to audition.

Why You Should Use Sales Assessments When Hiring

Are you looking for yet another sales professional to join your organization? Maybe you’ve got your eye on someone and decide you don’t need to use sales assessments when hiring

How To Use Sales Assessments To Measure Empathy

Are your sales managers showing little empathy for their direct reports? Organizations experience this problem when leaders fail to use sales assessments to measure empathy during the hiring process.

Use Sales Hiring Assessments to Find Unconventional Thinkers

In this digital era, you may want your sales reps to be a little unique and creative in their networking tendencies. Good sales hiring assessments can help you find candidates who think unconventionally.

Manage Smarter 103: The Magic Words of Management

Phil Jones is author of five best-selling books and youngest ever winner of "British Excellence in Sales and Marketing" Award and his life's work is to demystify the process of persuasion. In this episode, we discuss: Why indecision is the enemy of leaders; Key phrases to turning the leverage around onto the non-performer and to create empathy; Why leaders shouldn’t ask for recommendations that don't get buy-in and how to fix this; and How to make people SEE what you’re saying instead of HEARING it.

Key Skills Every Sales Manager Needs

Sales managers, do you feel like the most underappreciated employee in your organization? That may be because you are lacking the key skills every sales manager needs.

Manage Smarter 100: Host Confessions — What We Learned This Year

We close out the second season of the Manage Smarter podcast with a special episode. Our co-hosts, Audrey Strong, Vice President of Communications, and C. Lee Smith, CEO of SalesFuel, share the episodes that personally impacted them during this year in review. In this episode, we discuss: Our favorite lessons from season 2 of the podcast; Surprising revelations we got from guests and how we applied them at SalesFuel; Mistakes we’ve made and learned from in 2019; and How you, our listeners, can help us with Season 3 topics and guests

Are You Doing Enough To Keep Toxicity Out Of Your Workplace?

Toxicity may become one of the big buzzwords in 2020. I’m talking specifically about toxicity in the workplace.

Is Your Company Culture Developing By Design or Default?

In a perfect world, employees would all get along, leaders would actively manage, and revenue would rise. Very few organizations have achieved that kind of perfection.

How Much Have You Invested In Your Employees’ Soft Skills?

Has it happened again? You made a statement, and someone misunderstood you.

Manage Smarter 93: Toxic Workplace Survival Tips

Dr. Paul White is a psychologist, author, speaker and consultant and author of Rising Above a Toxic Workplace: Taking Care of Yourself in an Unhealthy Environment. In this episode, we discuss: Signs you’re in a toxic workplace; Tips on what you can do to try to rectify or mitigate a toxic workplace; How to survive working for or with a toxic leader; and Tips on how to identify a toxic workplace when interviewing for a new job.

How To Manage Successfully During an Acquisition

Few events shake an organization and employees’ confidence in managers more than a merger or acquisition. All of the rules, spoken and unspoken, that employees have been following are suddenly in flux.

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