Author: Jessica Helinski

warm calls

Warm Calls Can Keep Your Pipeline Full

Warm calls may not have been part of your past strategy, but experts encourage salespeople to use these outreaches to keep your pipeline full.

order taker

Order Taker or Trusted Advisor? How To Find Out

Do you consider yourself an order taker? A supplier? What about a trusted advisor? How your clients view you has an impact on your ability to sell.

customer reviews

Customer Reviews Can Boost Credibility

Customer reviews are valuable to salespeople in a variety of ways to drive sales, especially when it comes to establishing trust. Despite this, salespeople still don’t ask for reviews, let alone use any testimonials that come their way.

call or email

Call or Email? Tips to Help Sales Reps Decide

Call or email? Choosing which to do when first contacting a potential customer can be tricky; you don’t get another chance at making a first impression.

email networking

How to Make Email Networking Effective

Email networking may not be something you’re used to, but today’s circumstances require that, for now, networking is done at a distance. While it has its own unique set of challenges, email networking also presents salespeople with opportunities.

B2B pipeline

A B2B Pipeline For Modern Salespeople

Your B2B pipeline is so much more than just a status tracker. It has evolved, as have today’s buyers.

good storytelling

Good Storytelling Will Set You Apart & Here's Why

Storytelling, no matter what you are selling, is an effective way to connect with buyers. It also sets you apart from competitors because each story is unique to you and your own business.

credibility gap

The Credibility Gap & Why You MUST Close It

Closing the credibility gap is an important part of the sales process. Most likely, you won’t be familiar with every new prospect you come across, so it’s necessary to establish your credibility if you want to make the sale.

open-ended questions

Open-Ended Questions Can Open More Opportunities to Sell

Open-ended questions are a fantastic way to not only get a back-and-forth dialogue going with prospective customers, but also help you mine some valuable information from them.

online leads

Online Leads: How Sales Reps Can Find Them

Online leads, while they may take some work to acquire, are necessary for today’s salespeople to compete in an increasingly digital world.

Cold Pitches During the Coronavirus

Cold Pitches During the Coronavirus Should Continue

Cold pitches during the coronavirus: Necessary or no way? While it may seem like quite the dilemma, the answer to others is clear.

Buying Decisions During Covid-19

Buying Decisions During COVID-19 Are Shifting NOW

Buying decisions during COVID-19 have shifted and will continue to do so. B2B sellers who quickly recognize and adapt to these changes will fare best through this crisis.

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