Author: Jessica Helinski

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Uncovering Pain Points & Next Steps: Part 2

Uncovering pain points can present reps with so many opportunities to win over prospects. But, it’s typically not done by asking a question or two.

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Pain Points: A Primer On What To Ask & Why

Pain points are a driving force behind sales. If you can successfully identify pain points, and present solutions to ease those pains, you’re more likely to showcase value and close the deal.

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Sales Funnel Tip: Use Video To Guide Prospects Through

Your sales funnel has different stages, so it makes sense to cater each outreach dependent upon where the prospect is in your funnel. And, salespeople must routinely communicate to keep prospects moving along through their buying journey.

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Tension: Why It Can Be GOOD For Your Sales

Tension has a bad rap. Likely, you do whatever you can to prevent tension, whether it’s during a call with a client or delivering a presentation to a prospect. But, not everyone thinks that sales reps should avoid creating tension

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Virtual Engagement Keeps Up Connections

Virtual engagement of prospects and clients is now likely a very common activity for salespeople, thanks to the shift from in-person meetings. Reps have had to quickly embrace this communication method.

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Outdated Sales Tactics WILL Hold You Back

Outdated sales tactics have no place in today’s sales world. Buyers now are more informed and discerning than those in the past, thanks to the internet. Reps who do not update their strategies and techniques will be left behind.

Mindful Pitch Planning Is Worth Every Minute

Mindful crafting of a sales pitch, while taking time, can also lead to winning results. Putting aside notable thought and effort for each pitch you make will help you appeal to today’s buyers, who are quite different than those of the past.


Multi-Threading Is A Must-Do For Today's Reps

Multi-threading relationships might not be a familiar phrase to many sales reps, but it should be. As more companies reorganize, there’s a chance that the contacts, including key decision-makers, you’ve come to know may be gone.

turning away

Turning Away New Business Isn't Always A Bad Idea

Turning away business may seem like a ridiculous, and costly, thing to do. But, salespeople should actually consider doing this if they’re faced with a prospect who may actually cause more disruption than what their business is worth.

angry customers

Angry Customers Happen. Here's How to Handle Them

Angry customers and prospects are an inevitable part of the sales experience. You’re never going to be able to make each and every person happy all of the time. So, you need to be sure you’re capable of expertly dealing with the inevitable moments of dissatisfaction.

Buyer-first mentality

Buyer-First Mentality Is More Important Now Than Ever

Buyer-first mentality is the concept that really, it’s a buyer’s world and sellers are just living in it. This hasn’t always been the case. In the past, it sellers were the stars of the show and controlled the game.

selling during COVID-19

Selling During COVID-19: What Trends Are Here to Stay

Selling during COVID-19 has been going on for a few months now, and some clear trends have emerged. But, will they continue on once we are on the other side of the pandemic?

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