Author: Jessica Helinski

Sales Objections: How To Handle Every Type

No matter what a salesperson is selling, they will, at some point, face an objection from the buyer. It’s up to the rep to handle that objection in a professional manner that will move the process forward.

Jessica Helinski January 22, 2020 B-to-C, Sales Tips

Sales Enablement: Why You Need To Do It

Sales enablement is a topic that's not discussed often. You probably think selling is tough. Well, surprisingly, buyers think buying is tough!

Upselling: New Strategies Needed For Informed Buyers

Upselling is an art, and it can be hard to do well without annoying the customer. It’s especially tough in the age of the internet, when customers empower themselves by doing their own research online.

Ethics In Sales Will Help You Stay Ahead

Likely, you’ve encountered fellow sales reps who worked without strong sales ethics. Often, selling by any means necessary is how deals are won, but is that really the best course of action?

Closing Techniques: One Is Never Enough

Do you have a go-to closing technique? Is it your ONLY closing technique? If yes, then you may have an issue.

The Top Negotiation Tactics Used ON You!

Sure, you’ve studied sales negotiation tactics to implement, but have you ever thought about the tactics that prospects use on you?

Stop Fear From Sabotaging Your Sales

Fear can be a sales killer, sneaking into your sales process and sabotaging your hard work.

Jessica Helinski December 23, 2019 B-to-C, Sales Tips

Make Case Presentations More Effective With These Tips

Presenting information in a compelling and persuasive way isn’t everyone’s strong point. It can be especially difficult if there’s a chance your audience will disagree with what you have to say.

Jessica Helinski December 20, 2019 B-to-C, Sales Tips

Survey Finds This Sales Technique Leads to Success

Listening is so important to sales, and there’s actually research that backs up its incredible value to salespeople. In particular, “active listening” has a significant impact on successful outcomes.

Jessica Helinski December 18, 2019 B-to-C, Sales Tips

The Gatekeeper, The Influencer & Others You Shouldn't Avoid

It’s not always easy to gain access to a business’ decision-maker. Caller ID, email filters, and gatekeeper assistants can make it tricky to speak with the person in charge.

Sales Pitches Should Be Personalized. Are Yours?

In sales, especially when commission is involved, there’s a focus on the number of sales made rather than the quality of a sale. Because of this, customer loyalty can be low and valuable components of a sale, such as customer service, are lost.

Cultivate These 10 Traits To Be A Sales Superstar

The most successful sales reps typically share at least a few common traits. And while it may seem otherwise, there isn’t anything “magical” about these traits.

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