Author: Kathy Crosett

Over 20% of Millennials React to Marketing Emails

If your clients are eager to connect with millennials, they might assume their messaging should take place on digital formats. That’s true to some extent.

Kathy Crosett December 9, 2019 Media + Marketing

U.S. Ad Market to Grow 4% in 2020

Brian Wieser, Global President, Business Intelligence at GroupM, has published a new report on advertising market predictions for next year.

Kathy Crosett December 6, 2019 Media + Marketing

Disruptor Brands Are Seeking Marketing Assistance

One of the biggest advantages of cookie-based advertising is the ability to target consumers in the local market. Your SMB clients have likely benefited from this technology.

Kathy Crosett December 5, 2019 Media + Marketing

What’s Your Plan for Next Year’s Account Renewals?

When you’re in charge of managing accounts, annual renewals loom large on the horizon. This is a perfect time of year to think about how to manage your renewals in the next 12 months.

Are Your Employee Appreciation Programs Making A Difference?

Managers and leaders spend a lot of time obsessing about their recognition programs. In many organizations, a percentage of the budget is set aside for this purpose

Do You Know The Best Way to Motivate A Struggling Rep?

Is one of your reps struggling to make their numbers? Have they dropped the ball on the project you gave them?

Programmatic Growth Rate to Slow During Shift From Cookie-Based Advertising

Programmatic ad buying gave marketers a way to target consumers like never before. Some ad industry experts believe the rise of the direct-to-consumer market grew quickly over the past few years specifically because of programmatic advertising.

Kathy Crosett December 2, 2019 Media + Marketing

Out-of-Home Ad Market Reaches New High

The Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) reports that Q3 advertising increased by 7.3% over the same period last year. So far, OOH advertising is outpacing last year’s activity by 7%.

Kathy Crosett November 29, 2019 Media + Marketing

Do You Know Which Soft Skills Your Employees Should Work On?

After your team members get into a disagreement or dis a customer, you have to take action. The problem is, you may not know exactly which action to take.

Do You Know These Secrets to Motivating Your Team Members?

Picture your sales team, hard at work. They’re making calls, planning their prospecting strategy and tweaking their presentations.

Women Watch Four Hours of Live TV Every Day

Do your clients realize that women make or influence between 70% and 80% of purchases in the U.S.? They’re picking up supplies for their kids’ school projects and stopping by the convenience store to grab milk and bottled water.

Kathy Crosett November 25, 2019 Media + Marketing

Are Your Clients Driving Away Customers With Their Digital Marketing Tactics?

Is your clients’ digital advertising driving away consumers? Many business owners believe that once they establish a digital presence, consumers will love their brand and buy from them.

Kathy Crosett November 22, 2019 Media + Marketing
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