Author: Kathy Crosett

Guide Your Sales Reps Through the COVID-19 Marathon

We are going through a period of time that isn’t quite like anything we’ve experienced before. As Joanne Crossland writes for Insperity, we’re in the COVID-19 marathon, not the sprint.

Businesses Should Take These Steps to Improve Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing remains a challenge. About half of surveyed businesses admit they’ve got a problem on this front.

Are Your Clients Sending the Right COVID-19-Related Email?

Is your inbox overflowing with COVID-19-related email messages? Consumers have heard plenty from retailers and other service providers in the past few weeks.

Are Your Clients in Danger of Losing Brand Awareness?

As we continue to limit in-person contact, consumers are spending more time than ever connected to various media formats. Your clients could be in danger of losing brand awareness that they worked so hard to create.

New Sales Management Tactics to Maintain Productivity

The global economy, which had been roaring along for several years since the Great Recession ended, has slowed way down in the past few weeks. You’ll need to roll out new sales management tactics to rev up your sales team.

How to Recruit Top Gen Z Candidates

Have you fallen into the trap of believing that millennials and Gen Z job seekers are similar? That assumption would be a mistake when it’s time to recruit top Gen Z candidates.

What Consumers Want From Brand Messaging Now

Are your clients considering pulling their messaging until the coronavirus outbreak ends? Consumers want a specific kind of brand messaging now, so don’t let your clients pull back.

Help Your Clients Tweak Their Search Ad Strategies

As consumers continue to practice social distancing across the U.S., you should help your clients tweak their search ad strategies. After all, businesses want to continue to employ their workers, and to do that, they must sell products and services.

Is It More Effective to Cut Headcount or Outside Vendors?

As a sales manager, your entire plan will likely have to be reworked this year. You may be trying to decide if you should reduce headcount or vendors to keep your expenses under control.

Help Your Clients Improve Their Content Marketing Outcomes

Are your clients getting the best content marketing outcomes? Developing great content takes significant resources.

Why You Should Use Sales Leadership Assessment Tests

To truly motivate and lead a department, new sales managers should come into their positions possessing specific talents, motivations and mindsets. Can you use sales leadership assessment tests to discover the strengths of the sales manager candidates who have applied for a position with you?

Managers: Here’s How to Dial Down Anxiety in Your Sales Reps

As we make our way through a whole new way of doing business, mostly virtually, you may need to dial down anxiety for some of your sales reps. Before COVID-19 changed our lives, your reps may have been accustomed to coming into the office every day.

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