Author: Kathy Crosett


Are Your Clients Using Subject Matter Experts?

Back in the day, it was enough if a marketer’s product or service scored several 5‑star reviews. Now, marketers have to decide if they should reward influencers and subject matter experts to post reviews.

signs of life

Search Advertising is Showing Signs of Life

The ad market, especially the paid search and SEO formats, is showing signs of life. Many of your clients may believe they’re experiencing the worst business market in decades.


Agile Teams Need Work-From-Home Support

The economy may be gradually reopening across our country, but not everyone will be rushing back to the office. As a result, agile teams that had been used to working together in person will need guidelines to thrive in the extended remote work situation.


The Light at the End of the COVID-19 Tunnel

Watching and reading too much news can make us think there is no light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. Unemployment could reach Depression-era levels.


How Much Will Buyers Cut Back on Media Spending?

Estimating how much your clients plan to cut back on media spending is a continuing challenge as the COVID-19 crisis drags on. The IAB has just released new data in its Coronoavirus Ad Spend Impact report that sheds some light on what you can expect.


Social Media Use Has Shifted During the Pandemic

We’ve heard that consumers’ social media use has shifted during the pandemic. Does this shift in behavior impact when your clients should post on social sites?


The New Mindset about Essential Goods and Services

Essential goods and services? As our social isolation drags on, consumers are shifting their mindset about what they need.


How to Ensure that Remote Employees Stay Productive

How can you ensure that your remote employees stay productive? Now that COVID-19 has forced so many employees to work from home, managers may face a new normal.

predict candidate success

How Sales Assessment Tests Predict Candidate Success

Sales managers are looking for a sales assessment test that can predict sales candidate success. What a difference a month makes.

positive brand impression

Are Your Clients Making a Positive Brand Impression on Consumers?

As many of us continue to be locked inside, we’re getting bombarded with marketing messages. Advertisers are wondering if they’re making a positive brand impression on consumers.


Combine Organic and Paid Search Campaigns to Improve Results

Last month, research from Advertiser Perceptions indicated that the anticipated blow to media sales may not be as severe for paid search as it will be for other formats. You may be able to sell more by showing how paid and organic search can improve client results.


Digital Video Ads Will Drive Revenue

Will they, or won’t they? None of us knows how many consumers will return to in-store shopping once the social distancing mandates are lifted or whether digital video ads will drive revenue.

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