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How Important is Credibility to the Sales Process?

Are you coaching your reps to work on their credibility? You might be asking, “How important is credibility to the sales process?”

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B2B Digital Ad Spending to Grow by 22% This Year

In the recent past, B2B marketers have relied on trade show activities as an effective form of lead generation. In our new normal, and with no solid estimates on when in-person trade shows will appear on the calendar again, analysts expect B2B operators’ digital ad spending to grow by 22% this year.


U.S. Automotive Sales To Grow by 1.9% Next Year

Like so many other industries, the automotive sector was not spared by the current recession. And, in anticipation of slowing sales, automotive marketers sharply reduced ad spending earlier this year but analysts expect U.S. automotive sales to grow by 1.9.%.

Managers as Coaches - ATD Research sponsored by SalesFuel ATD

Special Report: Managers as Coaches in High Performing Organizations

Most organizations expect their managers to coach direct reports, with 75 percent expecting it of all managers and 15 percent expecting it of only some managers. Expecting all managers to coach had a significant connection to being a high performing organization. This report provides new findings from the Association of Talent Development sponsored by SalesFuel. This research identified many strategies and practices with statistically significant relationships to organizational effectiveness.


Are You The Best Sales Coach In Your Company?

Sales professionals have long resisted attempts to standardize practices which means you may have never asked if you are the best sales coach in your company. After all, many of us believe that much of what happens in sales depends on the buyer’s whims and the sales rep’s relationship with the prospect.


TVB: TV Rules as Top Influencer in Home Improvement Purchases

The COVID-19 pandemic has left consumers with plenty of time to spend at home. They’ve been busy making home improvement purchases and TV advertising is playing a big role in influencing what consumers are buying.

Kathy Crosett September 28, 2020 Media + Marketing


Here's the Sweet Spot Between Privacy and Personalization

Consumers today expect high levels of personalization when they purchase goods and services. This expectation even extends to the marketing messages they receive, which has some experts wondering if there is a sweet spot between privacy and personalization.

Kathy Crosett September 24, 2020 Media + Marketing


Help Your Less Resilient Employees Engage

These days, who can blame employees for feeling stressed and getting discouraged about life in general and their job performance? Managers can help less resilient employees engage and be productive


Contentious Political Elections to Drive More Ad Spending

Industry experts have issued a wide range of predictions regarding the final outcome for the U.S. ad market. As we draw closer to the elections, it’s clear that the contentious political elections will have a huge impact on the bottom line for many media companies.


2021 Ad Market Outlook

With Q4 2020 nearly upon us, your clients might be sweating the details on how to ring up sales. While you’re working with clients to find the right media mix for the rest of the year, the 2021 ad market outlook is likely also weighing on your mind.

Kathy Crosett September 17, 2020 Media + Marketing


How Do You Know Your Top Candidate Won’t be a Toxic Hire?

You’ve finally got the green light to bring on a few sales reps. The only catch is you’ll be hiring remotely, so how do you know your top candidate won’t be a toxic hire?


How to Coach Your Sales Management Team

You know you’ve got good people in your sales management positions, but the needle isn’t moving as much as you hoped. You may need to learn more about how to coach your sales management team before you can improve your reps’ performance.

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