Author: Kathy Crosett


Which Product was the First to Offer a Coupon in the U.S., and How it's Helping Pandemic Commerce

It’s no secret the restaurant industry’s losses during the COVID-19 pandemic have been the grocery industry’s gain. The average weekly grocery spending in U.S. households has increased 16% this year and consumers have shown their coupon love during the pandemic.

Kathy Crosett September 14, 2020 Media + Marketing


E‑Commerce Industry Sales Projected to Grow to 14.5% of Sector in 2020

The ability to sell online has never been more important. The latest reports show that online retail sales are projected to grow to 14.5% of all retail sales this year.

Kathy Crosett September 10, 2020 Media + Marketing


How to Remake Your Sales Staff for the New Normal

Are you using the current economic situation to get your business positioned for the recovery? If not, now’s an excellent time to remake your sales staff for the new normal.


The New Rules For Video Meetings

Now that connecting business from remote locations has become routine, forward-thinking managers are setting up new rules for video meetings. When the pandemic first started, and we were all getting used to the idea of working from home, we enjoyed the novelty.


Over 70% of CMOs to Buy More Digital Media in 2021

With big sectors of the economy struggling with recessionary conditions, analysts expect CMOs to buy more digital media. Your clients are making changes which will impact marketing budgets outlook for 2021.

Kathy Crosett September 3, 2020 Media + Marketing


How True Sales Leaders Coach

When was the last time you checked out how true sales leaders coach? Last year?


How to Remove Bias from Your Hiring Process

Are you hoping to hire a more diverse workforce and remove bias as we prepare for 2021? Your organization may be setting conservative hiring numbers for next year because of economic uncertainty.


How to Help Your Clients Run Strong Inclusion and Diversity Campaigns

Are your clients stuck on the idea that using a mix of skin tones in their creative messaging amounts to strong diversity and inclusion campaigns? That’s not enough.


How to Help Team Members Maintain Motivation

We’re now in the sixth month of a global pandemic and it’s getting harder to help team members maintain motivation. At the start of the outbreak, nonessential workers were largely confined to their homes.


Sales Revisions to Coverage, Compensation and Coaching

As you paying enough attention to sales compensation? The impact of the coronavirus has extended deep into sales departments, and managers are making revisions to coverage, compensation and coaching.


Are Your B2B Marketers Using Influencers?

Are your B2B marketers using influencers the best way possible? Are they using them at all?


Your Hiring Process May Need An Adjustment

If your organization has responded like many others to the COVID-19 pandemic, your hiring process may need an adjustment. Changing the product line and the focus of your business means you should shift your mindset about who you’re hiring.

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