Author: Kathy Crosett

New Social Media Platforms to Surge in 2020

Will 2020 be the year of social media advertising? The format is set to take third place globally in 2019 ad spending.

Kathy Crosett December 13, 2019 Media + Marketing

Are Your Clients Doing Enough to Manage Their SERP position?

If you’re working with clients that want to capture a bigger share of the online market, they need to attract attention during the holidays. This year, an increasing number of consumers will shop for holiday gifts online.

Kathy Crosett December 12, 2019 Media + Marketing

Are You Meeting Your Employees' Mental Health Needs?

All leaders know that employee turnover is an organizational fact of life. But the extent of turnover among younger employees is staggering.

Does Your Corporate Culture Need A Reset?

What does it say about corporate America when 30% of employees “expect to experience a cultural crisis” in the near future? Those are the words of Sarah Clayton, who takes a look at what’s happening in U.S. companies in her Harvard Business Review post.

What Does Work-Life Balance Mean?

When the topic of work-life balance comes up between managers and employees, many people assume the discussion will be about working from home. But not every job can be done from home.

Over 20% of Millennials React to Marketing Emails

If your clients are eager to connect with millennials, they might assume their messaging should take place on digital formats. That’s true to some extent.

Kathy Crosett December 9, 2019 Media + Marketing

U.S. Ad Market to Grow 4% in 2020

Brian Wieser, Global President, Business Intelligence at GroupM, has published a new report on advertising market predictions for next year.

Kathy Crosett December 6, 2019 Media + Marketing

Disruptor Brands Are Seeking Marketing Assistance

One of the biggest advantages of cookie-based advertising is the ability to target consumers in the local market. Your SMB clients have likely benefited from this technology.

Kathy Crosett December 5, 2019 Media + Marketing

What’s Your Plan for Next Year’s Account Renewals?

When you’re in charge of managing accounts, annual renewals loom large on the horizon. This is a perfect time of year to think about how to manage your renewals in the next 12 months.

Are Your Employee Appreciation Programs Making A Difference?

Managers and leaders spend a lot of time obsessing about their recognition programs. In many organizations, a percentage of the budget is set aside for this purpose

Do You Know The Best Way to Motivate A Struggling Rep?

Is one of your reps struggling to make their numbers? Have they dropped the ball on the project you gave them?

Programmatic Growth Rate to Slow During Shift From Cookie-Based Advertising

Programmatic ad buying gave marketers a way to target consumers like never before. Some ad industry experts believe the rise of the direct-to-consumer market grew quickly over the past few years specifically because of programmatic advertising.

Kathy Crosett December 2, 2019 Media + Marketing
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