Author: Kathy Crosett


When to Bring Employees Back to the Office

I wrote yesterday on the topic of creating a plan-ahead team to develop new business strategies in the age of COVID-19. Business leaders also must consider how and when to bring employees back to the office.


Is Your Plan-Ahead Team in Place?

Is your plan-ahead team in place and working on what your organization will do once the social distancing mandates ease and we’re encouraged to get back to business as usual? You may have already determined the damage to your business has been significant.


Top Tips to Support Your Socially Distanced Employees

While we’re hearing that the social distancing mandates may soon start to ease up, the truth is that employees may continue to work from home for a while longer. To support your socially distanced employees, it helps to know what they’re feeling and what they’re worried about.


Your B2B Clients Can Stay Top-of-Mind Using These Tactics

Are your B2B clients doing all they can to stay top-of-mind with their customers and prospects during the pandemic? To preserve cash flow, many businesses have cut back on paid advertising campaigns.


How Consumers Are Shopping Now

The coronavirus has significantly impacted how and what consumers are buying. Businesses that get how consumers are shopping now can respond quickly to changing tastes and benefit from higher revenue and increased brand awareness.


Are Your Clients Using Agile Marketing?

The sudden arrival of the coronavirus and the subsequent social distancing mandate has shown businesses the importance of using agile marketing. Back in the day, advertisers committed months ahead of time to TV ad campaigns and magazine page spreads.


Optimize Team Meetings With These Video Chat Tips

Most of us are well into a month of social distancing and learning to optimize team meetings with video chat tools. The cast of Saturday Night Live had fun with this topic over the weekend, highlighting the challenges many workers face when video chatting.


Are Your Clients Ready to Revive Advertising After COVID-19?

We’re all waiting to learn just how steep the drop in advertising will be as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. But it’s not too soon to be thinking about how to revive advertising after the pandemic ends.

White Paper: Selling Digital Marketing Services to Local Businesses

Local ad spend on mobile and social media advertising is projected to hit $1.8 billion by 2023, underscoring the need for local businesses to develop campaigns in a range of formats. Decision-makers, especially in smaller businesses, realize they don’t have the expertise they need when it comes to digital marketing. In this sales enablement white paper, you’ll learn who is buying digital marketing services and how they're buying. New research from SalesFuel’s Selling to SMBs study reveals how to sell to these buyers, especially for social media management and mobile.


Appealing to Consumer Emotions Can Boost Revenue

The creative messaging in advertising has always been about appealing to consumer emotions. During our COVID-19 crisis, marketers are letting stressed-out consumers know where they can find supplies to meet their urgent needs, such as feeding themselves and keeping their families safe.


Are Your Clients Optimizing Demand Generation?

Did you know that optimizing demand generation is key to your clients’ business success? At least 46% marketing leaders said so in a survey fielded by TOPO just before the COVID-19 crisis hit.


Are Your Sales Reps Pursuing the Right Kind of Customer?

Have you been leaning on your sales reps to produce something, anything, since the COVID-19 crisis began? As a result of the increased pressure reps are feeling, they may not be pursuing the right kind of customer.

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