Better Appearance Seekers Sure to Drink up Collagen in 2017

BY Courtney Huckabay
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"Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s collagen? For a growing number of women, the fibrous protein is the secret to glowing skin—not to mention shiny hair, strong nails, and healthy digestion," Well and Good reports.

Collagen’s Boost to It-​Ingredient Status

The majority of the body is collagen—our skin, our bones,” explains Kurt Seidensticker, founder of collagen powder brand Vital Proteins. “But after the age of 25, people are less efficient at making it, so your body has to get it elsewhere.” Unfortunately, the Western diet offers up few such opportunities.

"Cue the bone broth boom—and its new grab-​and-​go versions (via brands like Epic and Bonafide Provisions), and a nascent category of the amino-​acid-​packed nutrition bars (from Bulletproof and Primal Kitchen)," Well and Good says.

Collagen is sure to catch on with Americans who set personal goals to improve their appearance. According to the most current AudienceSCAN data, 25.5% of adults want to improve their appearance.

"Collagen-​rich powders and supplements are a growing category (sourced from grass-​fed cows, chickens, fish, and, in the case of beauty brand Reserveage, vegan-​friendly plant sources) as are bottled drinks (both Dirty Lemon and Fountain have collagen “beauty” tonics)."

Retailers can best reach Better Appearance Seekers through ads/​coupons in their mailboxes that feature any new drinks or powders with collagen in them. The AudienceSCAN study found 38% of Better Appearance Seekers took action based on coupons they received in the past month.

Consumers are becoming educated about the importance of a long-​term approach by beautifying and nourishing from within, versus short-​term solutions provided by topicals,” says Reserveage founder Naomi Whittel. The ultimate sign that collagen is about to go big? It’s a staple in Jennifer Aniston’s daily smoothie."

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