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Topics That Can Drive Away Prospects

Communication is so important when working with prospects. But, there are certain topics that you should avoid if you hope to land their business. Unfortunately, many reps can’t always differentiate between what’s appropriate to discuss and what isn’t.

Respect is Key to Improving Office Communication

In our professional development journeys, we're always thinking about improving our communication, right? Hint, hint. Even if you feel like you have open channels among your fellow office mates, you could always make your communication skills stronger. Or, what if (eek! gasp!) your communication is not as good as you think it is?

How to Talk to the People You Work with and Other Basic Tips

In so many office situations it seems like people at all levels are either oversharing or under communicating. We have so many options for talking to each other and relaying information that commonsense practices have been forgotten or neglected. And I'm sure some of you have experienced a sort of de-humanizing trend of communication. Let's not forget that we're all people and details really do matter.

How important is writing? It’s the key to the locked door of your success!

I’m writing on writing. It’s the core of my success. This article is the second part of a short course on how I write for each area of my outreach.

Use Stay Interviews to Fix Your Toxic Culture

Have you ever worked for a manager who pitted employees against each other by assigning the same project to them? This behavior is a sign of a toxic work environment.

Leaders: Here's the Best time to Trash-Talk

Remember the bully from elementary school who talked trash about how he was going to beat you up?

Overcoming Barriers to Awesome Team Results

Teams and work groups are notorious breeding grounds for interpersonal strife. Left unchecked, more assertive personalities take over – and as a result more reserved members become disengaged, apathetically watching as the team results sputter, flutter, flail, and eventually fail.

Are You Covering These Key Topics in Your One-on-Ones?

Do you remember the people whoe coached you or inspired you through their words and actions? You can have the same impact on your team members, especially if you initiate specific kinds of conversations with them.

Communication — the sales skill that can make or break your sale

How do you communicate? How do you know if your communication is helping you get what you want or hurting you?

Tips to Fix Your Broken Employee Feedback Loop

The best companies these days make the employee appraisal process a two-way street. In a recent Smartbrief​.com column, Kelsey Martin explains how her company uses employee feedback to improve operations.

The Power of Impactful Leadership Communication

Would you be open to having a conversation about you, that your team is having without you?” Tim Reynolds, executive director of the Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership, asked the ballroom full of sales professionals during the Schey Sales Symposium.

Say This, Not That: Influence Prospects By Swapping Words

While there’s still no magic word that will make a prospect immediately sign a contract, your selection of words can have a major impact. By subtly switching certain words and phrases with others, you can make your communications more effective.

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