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LCD, UHD, Video Walls Are Future of Business Signage

"Screens are going to get even wider than they are now, yet slimmer than ever before," Debbie Wilson-dewitt writes. "The advance word is that technology for reflective displays —full color e‑paper displays that are flexible and less than a micrometer thick that reflect light rather than emitting it, like real paper — has made some serious breakthroughs."

Close to Half of All B2B Product Researchers Are Digital Natives

Digital natives who grew up with the internet and smartphones have transformed the way B2B buyers research purchases, qualify vendors and make purchases — changing the rules of the game for marketers and product managers, Harvard Business Review reports.

B2B Customers Increasingly Expecting Agile, Scalable, B2C-like Experience

DHL Express released a white paper with Cranfield School of Management investigating the current trends and significant potential of the international e‑commerce landscape for business-to-business companies. The paper provides a practical guide to specific digital features and strategies used by businesses that are developing a cross-border e‑commerce offering and presents a framework for companies to better understand and benchmark their own level of e‑commerce development.

B2B Companies Using Personalization in Digital Commerce to See up to 15% Increase in Revenue

Shane Barker Consulting rounded up some lead-generation trends shaping up in the B2B space for CMO​.com. Generating valuable leads is often the biggest challenge business owners and their sales staffs face. The following developments can lead to new strategies.

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63% of Mobile Customers Respond to Brands’ Communication Outreach

Apptentive, mobile customer experience software, released its Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmark Report, which serves as a way for companies to understand how their apps’ engagement stacks up against the entire mobile ecosystem. The report also presents an in-depth look at how the mobile landscape is shifting toward open dialog between consumers and companies; demonstrated by the 650% increase in the adoption of two-way, in-app messaging.

49% Say They Plan to Host or Participate in a Webinar in 2018

Video continues to benefit a wide variety of different business functions, according to Wyzowl's The State of Video Marketing 2018. Its most common benefit is increasing user understanding, but increased dwell time, sales, traffic, and reduced support queries are all attributed to video by sizeable chunks of marketers.

Know Where SMBs are Headed for 2018

From crowdfunding, to diversification, to tech startups, Groupon sees trends emerging among its small business clients. Here are six top small business trends to look for in 2018, as laid out by Groupon's Jacqueline Emigh.

90% of SMBs Plan to Hire in 2018 — Depending on Budget

From launching new products to making new hires, here is what small businesses are excited about in the new year. Ninety percent of small business owners plan to hire one to two new employees in the upcoming year, just one of the many ways in which small businesses are poised to evolve and expand, according to the results of a new nationwide survey released by Microsoft Store.

Frame Your Products to Encourage Customers to Complete the Set

"It’s no secret that people like to finish things; there’s something deeply and inexplicably satisfying about crossing the last item off a to-do list or acquiring the final piece of a collectible set. But just how far are people willing to go to achieve “completeness”? Recent research conducted by Harvard Business School investigated whether it’s possible to harness this desire to motivate people in specific ways."

Greywater is Going Green and More Smart Trends in Plumbing

Smart technology and green living have been embraced eagerly – from the perspective of homeowners and builders alike. Whether it’s a remodel or a project built from the ground up, more and more, plumbers are being asked to install more efficient and advanced systems. These are some of the latest trends that Tritan Plumbing experts see in smart plumbing technology that combine practicality with a bit of luxury.

Coast into 2018 with these Event Transportation Trends

Keep abreast of the latest trends in corporate transportation to better market to customers and potential customers! Staff bloggers at MTC Limousine spotlighted trends they see in the industry. Limousine and private car companies can use these to start 2018 off in the right gear.

As Millennials Age, They Are Choosing the Suburbs Over Urban Neighborhoods

Almost half of millennial homeowners live in the suburbs, and the majority stay in the same city when they buy a home, revealing their home-buying preferences now that they are the largest generational group in the housing market.

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