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Behavioral Questions to Ask During Interviews

Have you used behavioral questions during interviews? Let’s face it, we’ve all hired bad employees.

Here’s Why You Should Hire for Resilience

As a hiring manager, you want to know that the candidate you bring on board won’t let a few setbacks derail them. We all know the sales profession is full of disappointments, so you need to hire for resilience.

Manage Smarter 105: Becoming an Emerging Leader

Eddie Turner is The Leadership Excelerator® and Author of 140 Simple Messages To Guide Emerging Leaders: 140 Actionable Leadership Messages for Emerging Leaders. In this episode, we discuss: The 8 definition of Emerging Leaders; How to “reskill” yourself to become an Emerging Leader; Age and entrepreneurship tendencies of Emerging Leaders; and IQ vs EQ: Intelligence versus Emotional Intelligence.

How to Recruit Top Sales Professionals

How do you usually recruit top sales professionals? Are you asking current employees for recommendations?

Why You Need Sales Assessment Tests in Addition to Auditions

We’ve all encountered individuals who interview well and then turn in a lukewarm performance on the job. To reduce poor hiring decisions, sales managers need to use sales assessment tests in addition to audition.

Sales Candidates and Their Decision-Making Abilities

Wouldn’t it be nice to know ahead of time about sales candidates and their decision-making abilities? Good sales assessments can give you an idea of how a candidate will react in specific situations before you bring them in for an interview.

Why You Should Use Sales Assessments When Hiring

Are you looking for yet another sales professional to join your organization? Maybe you’ve got your eye on someone and decide you don’t need to use sales assessments when hiring

Manage Smarter 104: Brain Drives Behaviors — Rewire It with These Workplace Changes

Dave Kenney, Executive Director and Co-Founder at Emergo Recovery, has over 30 years of experience in the field of human development and is the pioneer of Actualized Recovery®, an integrative brain-first approach to lasting recovery. In this episode, we discuss: The top 3 things you can change in your workplace to improve everyone’s brain health and performance; Actualized Recovery and how can it be beneficial in business; How to reprogram your brain to eliminate depression, lack of self-esteem and other issues; and Why brains operate better in enriched work environments.

How to Use Assessments to Measure Candidate Motivation

The candidate who’s interviewing with you seems motivated. They’ve spent plenty of time researching your company and products.

How To Use Sales Assessments To Measure Empathy

Are your sales managers showing little empathy for their direct reports? Organizations experience this problem when leaders fail to use sales assessments to measure empathy during the hiring process.

Use Sales Hiring Assessments to Find Unconventional Thinkers

In this digital era, you may want your sales reps to be a little unique and creative in their networking tendencies. Good sales hiring assessments can help you find candidates who think unconventionally.

Sales Candidate Assessments for Those Re-entering the Workforce

U.S. adults who haven’t worked in years are now applying for jobs. Are you asking yourself if using sales candidate assessments to screen those who are re-entering the workforce makes sense?

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