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Are You Doing Enough To Keep Toxicity Out Of Your Workplace?

Toxicity may become one of the big buzzwords in 2020. I’m talking specifically about toxicity in the workplace.

Are Your Employee Appreciation Programs Making A Difference?

Managers and leaders spend a lot of time obsessing about their recognition programs. In many organizations, a percentage of the budget is set aside for this purpose

Do You Know The Best Way to Motivate A Struggling Rep?

Is one of your reps struggling to make their numbers? Have they dropped the ball on the project you gave them?

Manage Smarter 98: Creative Networking Tips for Managers

Jennifer Gitomer is a speaker, trainer, writer, blogger, Facebooker, Instagrammer, Tweeter, YouTuber and Podcaster. She is online, on-point, and on the money. Her podcast Sell or Die, with co-host Jeffrey Gitomer, gets over 100,000 downloads a month. In this episode, we discuss: The #1 approach that makes you a networking magnet to others; creating a “profitable” network via your networking; and the top most unusual locations that are superb for networking you’d never think of!

Do You Know Which Soft Skills Your Employees Should Work On?

After your team members get into a disagreement or dis a customer, you have to take action. The problem is, you may not know exactly which action to take.

Do You Know These Secrets to Motivating Your Team Members?

Picture your sales team, hard at work. They’re making calls, planning their prospecting strategy and tweaking their presentations.

Manage Smarter 97: 4 Techniques For Fixing a Misfire

Mitch Schneider is an entrepreneur, educator, master automotive technician, martial artist, and trade journalist.  He is the author of Misfire: What to Do When Things Aren’t Running on All Cylinders — described as “Who Moved My Cheese” meets “The Karate Kid.” In this episode, we discuss: The four techniques to help managers and business owners handle day to day stress and challenges; the importance of constant Situational Awareness; and
how Mitch overcame a serious health issue to rally back into a new life and how facing death gave him a new outlook.

Managing Disruptions in Organizational Development

John was a member of a developer team that had worked smoothly together for nearly two years. Each person on the team had a specific set of programming and development skills.

Are You Practicing Mindful Meeting Management?

Most employees want to stay informed about what’s happening with their jobs and their employer. Being informed contributes to higher productivity.

Do You Have A “Know It All” On Your Team?

Before I became a manager, I was tasked with helping train a new co-worker. I showed him the ins and outs of some of our processes and was met with a series of “Yeah, I know that,” or “Yeah, I’ve tried that.”

Manage Smarter 96: Managing Multiple Levels and Locations

Patrick Norris is Senior Vice President of Jim Doyle & Associates. Previously, as the Managing Partner of the Norris Auto Group, Pat ran a collection of 5 retail, multi-brand automobile dealerships and 2 motor sports stores. In this episode, we discuss: Managing corporate HQ and multi-location satellite organizations; Effective delegation tips; How to manage several brands within your organization; Latest on the automobile industry in the U.S.; and Millennials as customers and employees.

Is Your Company Culture Developing By Design or Default?

In a perfect world, employees would all get along, leaders would actively manage, and revenue would rise. Very few organizations have achieved that kind of perfection.

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