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Here’s How Your Team Can Win More Complex Sales

Has your team lost another sale that should have been an easy win? The world of commerce is changing quickly, and if your company sells in the b‑to‑b sector, you may be encountering more complex sales.

Manage Smarter 110: 2020 Tax Tips for Entrepreneurs and Side Hustles

Rachel Michaelov is Founder & CEO of Empire Tax Professionals and is a licensed Enrolled Agent, who is licensed by the IRS. In this episode, we discuss: Her heartbreaking family story involving her father, taxes and deportation pushed her to create her business; Important tax tips for businesses given the law changes for 2020; More efficient ways to keep your business books straight for an audit; How she balances being a mother to 4 boys and entrepreneurship.

Managers: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Are the managers in your organization expected to have all the right answers? Dave McKeown’s research shows managers can do a better job when they ask the right questions.

Do You Emulate The Behaviors of The Best Managers?

Are you an ace manager? Do you emulate the behavior of the best managers?

Not Everyone Needs a Management Role

Have you taken a hard look at your sales team lately? Do you know which reps a management role or to advance?

Manage Smarter 109: Creating Autopilot Habits

Deborah Thomas-Nininger is the founder of DTN Productions International, a company that provides professional development training on all areas of international and domestic protocol specializing in reputation management, business etiquette and communication effectiveness. In this episode, we discuss: Autopilot Habits — what are they?; Examples of specific habits you should develop this year to boost efficiency; How many days it takes to develop a habit (Hint: it's not 21); and What time of day the brain is at its lowest functioning level.

Finding The Right Person Is Hard, Here’s How To Keep That New Hire

We all make mistakes; I know I do! And when mistakes happen, I own up to them and view them as learning experiences.

Do You Know Which Employees Should be Upskilled?

Will upskilling be one of 2020’s biggest buzzwords? Now’s the time to figure out which of your employees should be upskilled.

How Managers Keep Remote Worker Productivity High

The latest Gallup data indicates that up to 43% of employees do at least some of their work remotely. Increasingly, managers don’t understand how to keep remote worker productivity high.

Manage Smarter 108: Navigating Difficult Conversations

John Stoker is the founder and president of DialogueWORKS. He is also the author of the book, Overcoming Fake Talk. In this episode, we discuss: Fake Talk: What it is and how it harms teams; specific phrases and techniques to change how you navigate difficult conversations.

Use Gray Space to Improve Your Team Members’ Performance

In many teaching situations, the instructor has to repeat the message five or six times before the audience internalizes it. Unless they use gray space, managers face the same challenge when they try to get team members to change their behavior.

How to Hire When Your Top Candidate is An Alumni Employee

In her Fast Company article, Gwen Moran discusses the pros and cons of hiring back an ex-employee. Is the top candidate for your open sales position an alumni employee?

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