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isitdayoneforyourteam Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Is it Day One for Your Team?

Are most of your employees still working in remote locations? If so, it may no longer feel like day one for your team.

whatsyourmagicmetric Photo by Alex Fu from Pexels

Managers – What’s Your Magic Metric?

What’s different about today’s business world? Shane Metcalf, co-founder of 15Five and a recent guest on Manage Smarter reminds us that “we’re not just working from home, we’re operating in a pandemic,” and that new reality requires us to find the magic metric.


The Secret to Your Success

Jim Rohn said, “Success is something you attract by the person you become.” How often do you think about the secret to your success?

Rhiannon Rees on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 130 — Rhiannon Rees: Tapping Into Your Subconscious Mind for Better Decision-Making

Rhiannon Rees is a human behavior expert, international high-performance coach and self-development expert helping CEO's, businesses, elite athletes, coaches and celebrities to redefine their level of success. In this episode, we discuss: How the shock in her marriage and becoming homeless drove her to self-discovery and a world-class coach career; Tapping into your subconscious to inform what business decisions and manifest new goals; How to keep leadership in your organization from spiraling downward mentally; and How to create a mindset of abundance among your leadership and teams and remove blocks and find new beliefs.


How to Manage A Negative Sales Rep

We’re all struggling to stay focused on our jobs right now, so managers should expect some level of negativity. But if you’ve got a negative sales rep in your organization, you’re facing a big challenge.

embracing mindfulness

Embracing Mindfulness Leads to Better Decision-Making

Are you up for embracing mindfulness as part of your decision-making process? Are you ready to expand mindfulness to your team in order to improve outcomes?


Do You Know The Best Way to Motivate A Struggling Rep?

Is one of your reps struggling to make their numbers? Have they dropped the ball on the project you gave them?


Do You Know These Secrets to Motivating Your Team Members?

Picture your sales team, hard at work. They’re making calls, planning their prospecting strategy and tweaking their presentations.


Managers: Do You Know When to Back Off?

Managers: Stanford University researchers have a message for you. Get over yourself.


Are Your Salespeople Suffering From The Seven-Year Itch?

In the rom com classic movie, The Seven-Year Itch, featuring Marilyn Monroe, the lead character has grown a bit tired of his marriage. Do you have long-term salespeople in your organization?

bottom line

Is Your Bottom-Line Mentality Trashing Your Team's Spirit?

Does it pay off to relentlessly focus on making your number, to engage your bottom-line mentality? Maybe not, according to research published by Baylor University.


Do You Know How Much Employee Satisfaction Impacts Customer Happiness?

If you've rolled out new products and services, but can get customers to buy more it's time to check out another key issue: employee satisfaction.

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