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Should You Cater to the Unique Expectations of Younger Workers?

Are you paying enough attention to the unique expectations of younger workers? You may be managing employees with age ranges that span five generations.


Have You Optimized Your Employees’ Work Environment?

Happy employees are productive employees. Are you doing all you can to enhance your employees’ work environment?

a management role

Not Everyone Needs a Management Role

Have you taken a hard look at your sales team lately? Do you know which reps a management role or to advance?


Finding The Right Person Is Hard, Here’s How To Keep That New Hire

We all make mistakes; I know I do! And when mistakes happen, I own up to them and view them as learning experiences.


How Managers Keep Remote Worker Productivity High

The latest Gallup data indicates that up to 43% of employees do at least some of their work remotely. Increasingly, managers don’t understand how to keep remote worker productivity high.


Managers Can Increase Employee Retention By Changing Their Behavior

Nobody’s perfect, especially not managers. And employees know it.


Are Your Employees Leaving Because Of These Preventable Reasons?

In the past decade, as the economy has improved, voluntary turnover has increased from about 17% to 27% of the workforce. On average, over 1 in 4 employees are walking out the door.


Can You Predict Whether Your Top Employees Are About to Leave?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know in advance that one of your employees is considering leaving? The labor market is stronger than ever for workers who want to boost their pay or score their dream job.


What Managers Need to Know About Commissions

Are you worried that your top sales rep is seeking greener pastures? Earlier this year, a report from TinyPulse revealed that over 40% of employees would leave their current positions for a pay boost of 10%.


Top Tips for Retaining Sales Reps

In a perfect world, our superstar employees would stay with the team forever. We all know that doesn’t happen.


Are You Training Your New Managers?

Businesses spend a lot of time worrying about keeping the sale pipeline full. Can you say that you spend an equal amount of time thinking about and developing current staff members for leadership roles?


When You're The Cause of Employee Turnover

It’s easy to justify departures by blaming the booming economy. After all, this could be an employee’s chance snag that dream job. But, there could be a more ominous reason for turnover at your company.

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