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Engage Customers During Chaos

You engage customers all the time. But now, it’s more important than ever. Because most of America is confined to their homes during the coronavirus outbreak, you are going to have to be especially proactive, and creative, when it comes to reaching out.

Elevator Pitch: 5 Basic Elements Keep It Short & Sweet

The elevator pitch is still a tried-and-true part of the sales process. As James Meincke points out in an article for Closer IQ, “An elevator pitch is one of the most basic and essential tools in any successful salesperson’s repertoire.”

Making the Prospect Confident to Buy

The prospect won’t buy if he/she lacks confidence in you or your product. How do you establish buyer confidence?

Consultative Selling Best Practices To Put In Action

The benefits of consultative have been proven again and again, yet some reps still haven’t embraced this sales style. Instead, salespeople rely on transactional selling, which relies solely on hitting their sales goals without much participation by the customer.

Sales Enablement: Why You Need To Do It

Sales enablement is a topic that's not discussed often. You probably think selling is tough. Well, surprisingly, buyers think buying is tough!

Upselling: New Strategies Needed For Informed Buyers

Upselling is an art, and it can be hard to do well without annoying the customer. It’s especially tough in the age of the internet, when customers empower themselves by doing their own research online.

How is Critical Thinking Used in Decision-Making and Negotiating

Each of us has a preferred style when it comes to conflict. This preference influences how we handle decision-making and negotiating, too.

How To Turn Conflict Into "A Force For Positive Change"

A career in sales guarantees that you will engage with a variety people during your career. Whether you conduct business solely over the phone or every meeting is in-person, your ability to manage how you communicate with others is vital to success.

3 Ways to Promote Value and Sway Sales

Are you selling both your product or service AND value? If you’re unsure, think about your motive. Are you only selling to meet your quota and increase your commission? Or does your goal include selling to people who can genuinely benefit from what your company has to offer?

Easy Steps To Boost Customer Retention

Increasing competition always makes customer retention even more vital than it already is. Sales reps, to be successful, must spend adequate effort to keep current clients.

Social Selling: How To Do It Without Fumbling

Social media presents an incredible opportunity for salespeople. It also presents incredible opportunity to fumble. The ability to instantly connect puts a lot of power in reps’ hands, but they need to be thoughtful about how they use it.

Need to Uncover ROI? Ask These Questions

The benefits of showing a strong ROI (return on investment) are well known, but some in the industry struggle with measuring and presenting their valuable impact.

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