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Why Your Hands Should Signal 'OK' During Presentations

When you stand in front of an audience, people aren’t just listening to you. Your body language, in particular, your hand motions also communicate your intention.

How to Handle a Prospect who Goes Dark

A prospect may be very responsive at the beginning of a relationship but as time goes by, the rep may find it harder to reach him or her–until the responses completely cease. This is called ghosting.

Do Your Prospects See You As Likeable?

Emotionally intelligent people easily connect with others by focusing on a commonality. You can uncover a shared belief or interest by observing what topics light up prospects and get them talking.

Use These Creative Tricks to Boost Presentation Performance

Part of your sales process may involve making a presentation to an audience made up of prospects who, at best, are neutral. At worst, some of these people will be hostile to what they think you are going to say.

How to Succeed at Team Selling

If you’re now engaged in more team selling meetings, you’re not alone. In fact, increased team selling is one of the top challenges sales reps will face this year.

Three Rules for Networking Conversations

In a recent Inc. article, Minda Zetlin shares 16 conversation starters that can help the next time you need to chat up a stranger.

Tips to Ace Your Next Sales Presentation

Does everyone else in your department seem to effortlessly give amazing presentations? This could be you, too, if you take the time to consider the suggestions Skip Prichard makes on his blog.

How to Network Like a Pro at Conferences

The conferences you attend can be a great way to learn something new. Even if the sessions don't turn out to be what you hoped for, these industry events give you the opportunity to connect with the right people.

How to Present Like a TED-Pro

An Inc. article shares 20 public-speaking tips that can instantly improve your speaking and presentation skills. Below are a few highlights to get you started:

Dealing with Acceptance and Rejection

Throughout the sales process, you should always be listening to the questions prospects ask you. They are clues to what the prospect is thinking. The questions salespeople love to hear are the ones that signal an intent to buy.

How to Make the Most of Your Trade Show Leads

Do you think the prospect you met at the trade show last week remembers you? Don't count on it. Follow Michael Pedone's advice to make the most of your trade show leads.

Preparing for the Sales Call

Having a sales plan for each customer is nothing more than selling by objectives. You should plan before entering a sales situation, rather than reacting to whatever develops in the sales interview.

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