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How to Network Like a Pro at Conferences

The con­fer­ences you attend can be a great way to learn some­thing new. Even if the ses­sions don't turn out to be what you hoped for, these indus­try events give you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­nect with the right peo­ple.

How to Present Like a TED-Pro

An Inc. arti­cle shares 20 pub­lic-speak­ing tips that can instant­ly improve your speak­ing and pre­sen­ta­tion skills. Below are a few high­lights to get you start­ed:

Dealing with Acceptance and Rejection

Through­out the sales process, you should always be lis­ten­ing to the ques­tions prospects ask you. They are clues to what the prospect is think­ing. The ques­tions sales­peo­ple love to hear are the ones that sig­nal an intent to buy.

How to Make the Most of Your Trade Show Leads

Do you think the prospect you met at the trade show last week remem­bers you? Don't count on it. Fol­low Michael Pedone's advice to make the most of your trade show leads.

Preparing for the Sales Call

Hav­ing a sales plan for each cus­tomer is noth­ing more than sell­ing by objec­tives. You should plan before enter­ing a sales sit­u­a­tion, rather than react­ing to what­ev­er devel­ops in the sales inter­view.

How to Draw A Crowd At Your Next Trade Show

If you want to attract atten­tion at your next trade show, give par­tic­i­pants a rea­son to look you up. Before the event, think of an activ­i­ty that will gen­er­ate inter­est. A con­test or a change to win a prize get intrigue peo­ple. And don't for­get to send out an email blast ahead of time.

Tips to Hack Your Way to Public Speaking Success

Is the thought of pub­lic speak­ing giv­ing you night­mares or caus­ing you to break out in hives? Check out Lara Hogan’s book, Demys­ti­fy­ing Pub­lic Speak­ing, for tips on how to con­quer this fear.

Streamline the Prospect's Path to "Yes"

Is it tak­ing longer to get your prospects to say yes? Infor­ma­tion over­load is impact­ing everyone's sched­ule and some­times slows down the sales cycle. Check out these tips to speed the prospect to the answer you want.

The science of the sale. The art of lunch.

Let’s do lunch! Well, let’s do lunch the right way. Too often sales­peo­ple think that get­ting a lunch appoint­ment is the vic­to­ry, and don’t con­cen­trate on build­ing rap­port and the rela­tion­ship to ulti­mate­ly make the sale. Big mis­take.

How to Match Presentation Style with Body Size

Have you ever envied some­one who owns the stage when she's mak­ing a pre­sen­ta­tion? Chances are, she know how to match her style with her body size. You can learn this trick, too.

Ditch the Crowd: Tips for Better Networking

Are you just not a “net­work­ing” per­son? Does the idea of attend­ing events make you cringe? Or, after years of min­gling at indus­try func­tions, are you feel­ing burned out?

Networking like a dog

Char­lie is my 12-week old pup­py (she’s a girl for those of you who assumed oth­er­wise). As a first-time dog mom, I have tak­en note of Charlie’s habits, and in par­tic­u­lar, her friend­li­ness and abil­i­ty to speak with, con­nect to, and dog­gie-net­work with any­one and EVERYONE she cross­es paths with.

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