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Are Your SMB Clients Ready for the 2020 Holiday Season

Are your SMB clients ready for the 2020 holiday season? A new survey from Comcast Business reveals that the COVID-19-induced recession brought a drop in business for 86% of SMB owners.

Kathy Crosett October 19, 2020 Media + Marketing

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Pain Points: A Primer On What To Ask & Why

Pain points are a driving force behind sales. If you can successfully identify pain points, and present solutions to ease those pains, you’re more likely to showcase value and close the deal.

Jason Reichl on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 144 — Jason Reichl: Improving Your Revenue Operations

Jason Reichl co-founded Go Nimbly, the first revenue operations consultancy with the goal of allowing high-growth companies to increase the revenue of each of their customers by 26% through eliminating operational silos. In this episode, we discuss: the definition of SalesOps or revenue operations; why now is a great time to tackle revenue operations in today’s COVID-19 climate; how to get people to buy more or expand their spend in COVID-19; and creating customer experiences to promote repeat purchases.

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Perfecting Your Client’s SEO Strategy

Whether your client is new to online sales or is an e‑commerce veteran, the quality of their SEO strategy is equally important. If new and existing customers don’t see your client’s website on the first page of their search results, the website may as well not exist in many consumers’ opinions.

Rachel Cagle October 16, 2020 Media + Marketing

Establish Your Credibility

3 Ways to Establish Your Credibility

If you don’t have credibility, you don’t have anything. That’s why establishing your authority in your field of sales and trust with your prospect is so crucial in the sales profession. Unfortunately, this is also an area that many sales reps struggle in.

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Marketers to Ramp Up Digital Ads in 2021

The Kantar Media Reactions report is out, and the findings reflect consumer and marketer attitudes about advertising on a global basis. Despite a consumer preference for traditional ad formats, marketers will continue to ramp up digital ad in 2021.

Kathy Crosett October 15, 2020 Media + Marketing

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Tips to Quickly Establish Credibility with Prospects

Laying the groundwork to quickly establish credibility with prospects should start long before your reps make first contact. When prospects look for a solution to their problem, they review online content.

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Bolstering Client Retention in the Age of COVID-19

2020 has been a scary year for people in sales roles. You have had to adjust to working remotely close to, if not, full-time. Deals are tougher to close via video sales calls. And your current clients are tightening their purse strings and cutting expenses wherever they can until the economy turns around. Could your product or service be the next cut?

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Loyalty Programs are More Crucial This Year than Ever

This year has tested the bonds of customer loyalty. Consumers all over the country are flocking to the brands and companies they trust the most during the COVID-19 chaos. They’re also questioning which businesses they should cut while trying to save money where they can.

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Assessments Help Managers Promote from Within

More HR managers now promote from within and also make better hires because they have developed new skills. During the past five years, researchers have measured a 242% increase in HR professionals who analyze data.

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Sales Funnel Tip: Use Video To Guide Prospects Through

Your sales funnel has different stages, so it makes sense to cater each outreach dependent upon where the prospect is in your funnel. And, salespeople must routinely communicate to keep prospects moving along through their buying journey.

EmilyMarone Auto Service Center

Amid Pandemic, AdMall Blogs Help AE Pivot Auto Service Center Ads

WHMI account executive Emily Marone knew she had to take a new approach when targeting new clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marone has been the company for 14 years, spending ten years on-air before shifting to an account executive role for the past four years. She started using AdMall recently.

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