SalesFuel Launches Enhanced Feature to Safeguard Against Toxic Hirings

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 SalesFuel®, providing sales teams with the power to “Sell Smarter” since 1989, is enhancing the Candidate Profiles hiring feature of its recently launched SalesFuel COACH platform. SalesFuel COACH Candidate Profiles is a digital solution built on scientific assessments and behavioral diagnostics that enables hiring managers to “hire smarter,” quickly uncovering the true identity of the candidate, providing predictive evaluations across key criteria.

Candidate Profiles go well beyond revealing traditional performance characteristics of candidates, as it also measures more elusive attributes including motivation and resiliency, which are the primary indicators of future success. Behavioral diagnostics from Candidate Profiles enable you to benchmark your candidates against those of your current top performers for look-​alike evaluation.

Selecting, coaching and retaining a winning sales team is the top responsibility of a high-​performing sales manager,” says C. Lee Smith, CEO at SalesFuel. “The effects of hiring a toxic employee can be devastating because their negative behavior spreads like a virus throughout the rest of your team – draining energy and revenue.”

SalesFuel COACH Candidate Profiles, developed in conjunction with Steven Sisler of Behavioral Resource Group, quickly measures and screens potential “job-​toxic” behaviors of candidates. This greatly reduces risk and prevents costly hiring mistakes for your business. The platform’s proprietary Toxicity Indexing features 13 distinctly different toxic workplace types including “The Lone Wolf,” “The Spotlight Hog,” “The Vacillator,” “The Cynic,” etc. Degrees of candidate toxicity risk are easily detected and underscored in the platform via digital flags; red flag is strong likelihood this person will behave this way in the workplace with intensity and frequency, yellow flag is less likely, but worth keeping an eye on, as behavior could rear its ugly head, and no flag is likely to be non-toxic.

At no greater time has behavioral analysis been more important in the workplace than right now,” says Steven Sisler, President at The Behavioral Resource Group. “Our goal is to help companies ensure they are getting the highest quality candidates and working with Lee and the SalesFuel team has been a great experience. Their commitment to people and clients is unwavering.”

The Candidate Profiles feature of SalesFuel COACH is beneficial to a variety of job functions within your organization, including:

  • Human Resource Managers
    • HR Managers are at the front lines of candidate screening and evaluation, and often lack adequate resources to efficiently and effectively identify those best suited for their positions and for their companies.
    • Make more informed hiring recommendations with SalesFuel COACH Candidate Profiles. This feature enables you to quickly uncover the true identity of candidates, and evaluate them not only across key criteria, but also elusive attributes including motivation and determination, the primary indicators of future sales success.
  • Sales Managers
    • If they read them at all, typical assessment tools screen candidates on a surface level, but don’t provide the insight sales managers need to go deeper into how they are likely to impact the bottom line.
    • Safeguard against costly hires-​and-​fires with SalesFuel COACH Candidate Profiles. Assess and benchmark your current top employees against your candidates for ‘look-​alike’ future top hires, while also seeing ‘look-​alike’ job-​toxic fires from your past. From there, seamlessly move your new hire from candidate assessment to coaching, all in one platform.
  • Recruiters/​Head Hunters
    • Candidates often look very good on paper, and can perform well in an initial interview, but recruiters lack the time and resources to truly understand who is best suited for positions with their partner companies.
    • Greatly increase placement and retention rates of your recommended candidates through upfront assessments with SalesFuel COACH Candidate Profiles. It determines the best fit for sales organizations and safeguards them against costly toxic hires and likely firings.

Please visit http://​salesfuel​.com/​h​i​r​i​ng/ to learn how SalesFuel COACH Candidate Profiles can stack the deck in your favor and enable you to “hire smarter.” For additional information or to request a free demo of the SalesFuel COACH platform, please click here. For a limited time, SalesFuel is offering a free one-​year subscription to Selling Power magazine to anyone that receives a demo of SalesFuel COACH before May 31, 2019.