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Managers: What’s Your Personal Brand?

Managers, have you thought about developing your brand? I’m talking about polishing up the image you present to your team members.

Top Sellers Make Fewer Touches Than Average Reps

Think you can guess how many touches it takes to get a first meeting with a prospect? Recent research from the RAIN Group Center sheds light onto how often a rep needs to contact a prospect to make that first conversion.

Digital Adoption Drives Communications Industry Growth

The analysts at Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS) have seen the light at the end of the recession's tunnel. This firm has its own way of measuring the U.S. Communications industry and it predicts 2012 spending on this activity will reach $1.189 trillion. The solid growth rate of 5.1% is impressive and shows that consumers and businesses are spending again.

Social and Mobile to Drive Communications Industry Growth

The future of the communications industry revenue is heavily dependent on the social and mobile channels as growth vehicles. PQ Media analysts say that these sectors already account for over 4.1% of industry revenue. To calculate the impact of social and mobile channels, the company recently analyzed 44 revenue streams to determine the avenues of fastest growth.

Communications Marketers to Target Triple and Quad Play Consumers

As the lines between entertainment and communication converge, more consumers are seeing some wisdom in buying multiple services from a single provider. Consumers are growing increasingly accustomed to purchasing a variety of service packages from providers, such as landline and mobile phone service. Key industry players, sensing opportunity, are rolling out quadruple play packages and will be spending big marketing dollars to attract consumers.

Communications Providers Sales Channels to Shift

The communications industry continues to boom as consumers use their mobile devices for everything from text messaging to watching video. At the same time, the increasingly complex devices are befuddling consumers who want the most up-to-date gadgets. To maintain strong positive relationships with customers, at least one advisory company is recommending that communications retailers reach out through traditional retail store fronts.