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Targeting 5 types of purchase intent

White Paper: Targeting the Five Types of Purchase Intent

This white paper identifies the 5 types of Purchase Intent, featuring data from SalesFuel’s annual AudienceSCAN® survey of online shoppers, digital audiences and decision makers in America. These five categories and SalesFuel PRO Tips will help business' marketing and sales teams find new, effective ways redefine target audiences and better predict future purchase behavior.

On-Demand Economy Infiltrating More Products & Services: Explosion of Podcasts, Prepared Foods and Playstation Revealed in new SalesFuel® AudienceSCAN® Research

They want what they want WHEN they want it, HOW they want it and NOW. That’s what the results of SalesFuel’s exclusive AudienceSCAN® research are finding among U.S. consumers across an increasing number of sectors. Now in its 9th year, AudienceSCAN is SalesFuel’s proprietary annual study of online shoppers, digital audiences and decision makers across […]

Consumers Plan to Open Their Wallets Wider this Holiday Season

Several research shops have published their holiday-spending predictions for the upcoming season. The researchers are emphasizing the shortened time frame between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Consumers are well aware of the compressed season and are already shopping. The American Express Spending & Saving Tracker has published a particularly optimistic forecast and based on their numbers, marketers should be offering their best deals now to capture their share of the spending.

Brands Strive to Make the LEAP List

This year’s LEAP (Leveraging Emotional Attachment for Profit) survey is out. The NewMediaMetrics report, summarized in a Forbes column, reveals that the iPhone is the top-loved brand. As a matter of fact, Apple has scored 4 products in the top 25 most-loved brands. What lessons can you learn from the companies who appear on this list in order to improve the appeal of your own products and brands?

TV Viewing Time at Home to Drop

As new digital devices are becoming ‘must-haves’, consumers are showing interest in alternate video platforms. Should traditional TV broadcasters be worried? Nielsen analysts say that, overall, most consumers are not cutting the cord to traditional TV, yet.

Marketers Aim to Relax Shoppers to Boost Spending

Should marketers target relaxed shoppers to increase sales? Can marketers employ specific relaxation techniques to improve the shopping outcome? A Columbia University professor and several cohorts studied these questions and their findings could prove useful to marketers.